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Mutants & Masterminds: Future Imperfect - Character Profiles


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Please post here everything that is known about your PCs. I appreciate pictures that give a good impression of what the PC looks like. I don't care if it is a drawing in comic-book-style or an actual photograph. Any changes during the game should be updated here.

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Adrian Tyler:


Most of his backstory is hidden behind Cipher 5.


At the turn of the Millennium, Will-o-Wisp and Valiant were on top of the world. The were prominent and powerful mutants at the top of their game. They had fame and fortune and everything that went with it all. They also had as secret. They had a secret life, were they lived normal lives and they had a son. It wasn’t until he was six that Adrian knew he was different. He was tougher than the other kids and could fall out of trees without getting hurt. That is when his parents brought him into their secret and swore him to silence. Adrian kept their secret too.

Then the Millennium came. Valiant was one of the first one’s to die. His might strength and invulnerable skin where no match for an opponent he couldn’t see. Will-o-Wisp went into seclusion soon afterwards and disappeared from sight. She hung on long enough to see her daughter come into the world and then she passes away as well. Adrian was alone except for his infant sister Rebecca.

For the next five years, the two kids lived off their parent’s secret stash of money. When the money ran out, Adrian did whatever it took for them to survive and stay below the government’s radar. Some of the things Adrian wasn’t proud of, like stealing, and some of them down right disturbing, like stealing wallets from people wanting a boy prostitute. There were many cold and hungry nights for the two kids.

Their lives turned around one winter day when they were picked up for odd jobs by a kind old family, the Orrocos. The Orrocos turned out to be mutants as well and Mr. Orrocos took it upon himself to teach the young man how to fight. How to box really, and scrap, and take a punch as well as give one. The old, scrappy mutant gave Adrian a skill he could use in the shadowy world he dwelt in. Adrian would be a fighter.

From that point on, while they still lived from fight to fight, Adrian never wanted for work. There were always illegal fight circuits looking for new talent. Adrian would show up, take on all comers and, no matter how much of a pounding he took, he always ended up on top.

Now with his little sister Becca, Adrian has come to the city looking for something better. His time as a prize-fighter hasn’t left him rich, but it has left him with a sense of fashion, and style, and a greater sense of self. He may not be the Paragon of Mutant might like his parents, but he is proud of what he’s accomplished and what he can do. He knows even greater things wait just around the corner.

Description to come!


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Name: Major-General Kevin Bridges, ret.

Sex: Male

Age: Exact age unknown - appears roughly mid fifties

Occupation: Retired Royal Army Medical Corps Surgeon-General

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 170 (naturally toned)

Hair: Salt & Pepper Skin: Caucasian (weathered and leathery) Eyes: Blue

Click to reveal..

Army file photo


Current photo

Known History:

His Military records have been sealed, completely, to the point of appearing to no longer exist. In fact, it is unknown if any offical record linking this man to anybody who served in the British Army exists.

His standard attire, regardless of the weather, season or continent is a long, light brown, 1940's era trenchcoat, olive green cargo/military style pants, various solid color sweaters and t-shirts and black boots. He also always seems to carry an old, WWII era, army surplus, tan backpack as well as medical bag.

He has been seen, 'backpacking', all over the world. Europe, Africa, the Americas and Russia (and formerly the Soviet Union) seem to be where he's usually seen. In these regions, he is seen as often in the inner cities as in the rural and remote countryside, usually providing free medical services or other humanitarian effort.

He has also been known to help villages in war-torn regions protect themselves from rebels and/or raiders. He is generally reported as putting himself directly between the antagonists and their targets. Many reports exist of him having been fired upon, but not one single report says anything about him having ever being injured or even of being sick.

In regards to the medical services that he provides, while he seems to have a strong and vast medical knowledge and talent, he also seems to have a 'healing touch' and a 'knack' of curing incurable diseases. It has also been reported that patients given medicine up to several days after he's left an area are 'miraculously' healed as if he had been there.

His travel patterns appear to be random. Besides the name 'Kevin Bridges' and the occasional 'Dr.' or 'General', there seems to be no link to his past or any records or residences. There seems to be no reliable way of getting into contact with him, except to 'blind drop' a message off at one of the clinics that he's known to 'frequent' (visit once or more a year).

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Name:Travis Kincaid

Age: 29

Registration Status: Registered as a Class 2 mutant (hidden behind Cipher 5)


Travis Kincaid is a mask, a veneer that hides the truth of the man. Travis is unable to recall further than three months ago. He awoke in a homeless shelter in Las Vegas wearing clothing that was little more than rags. The only things in his pockets were a handful of grimy dollar bills and a rumpled driver’s license.

After a month of wandering the city and following the trail started buy his ID Travis was soon confronted with the ineffable fact that he did not really exist. The more he dug the more evidence he found that proved that Travis Kincaid was created by somebody as an elaborate fraud. All he could be certain of was that he was an unregistered mutant with telekinetic power who had been furnished with an excellent false identity. Not much later Travis would find himself meeting his first concrete link to his past, a woman who claims she worked with him and that she thought he was dead. Ronnie filled Travis in with as much as she could provide but still the truth behind his real identity and the source of his memory loss eludes him.


Travis is obsessed with uncovering his past, specifically with finding out what happened to him after the last time Ronnie saw him during the mission in Germany, and recovering his memory of his real life, the one that Travis Kincaid was created to hide. A man without a past he feels disconnected at times even from himself often pondering the significance of the various objects within his home.

In combat he'll make an initial assessment as to his personal threat level before engaging the enemy. So long as there are no blasters/projectors he'll often move forward into the fight relying on his natural kinetic resistance to protect him. He favors aggressive tactics designed to shut down the opposing heavies, allowing his teammates to clean up the less threatening enemies.

Physical Description:

Medium tall with blonde hair & blue eyes. Travis is not a big man owing to the fact that he seldom needs to exert any great power with his physical muscles and hasn't since he was a child. He dresses as he did before his memory loss having traced his own identity back to a Vegas condo he apparently owns and the well stocked closets within. When working out he'll wear t-shirts and shorts or sweats but the rest of the time he wears professional casual attire, slacks, button down shirts, sport jackets. When asked who did his shopping he confesses that he's really not sure as he just wears what is in his closet. Travis drives, when he drives at all instead of simply using his powers to fly, a bright red Porsche Carrera that he found parked in his condo's spot.


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Aliases: May Allman, Veronica, Lena, Rebecca Lee

Known Languages: English, Russian, Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic

Nature: Void

Age: Unknown

Height: ??

Weight: ??

Body Type: yes

Appearance: Varies, though reports say that May herself is a petite woman with a lush figure. Her background is unknown, though her dark hair and skin point to a Northern African heritage.

Background(Public): The woman named May Allman doesn't exist, nor does Veronica Powers, or Lena or any of the others. They have a tendency to show up in the worst places. She's willing to talk about her past, but each person who asks gets a different story.

Background (Private): May Sanders was born bitching it seemed, and age only allowed her to become more and more catty. By the time she reached high school, she was the Queen bitch of her high school. Her fall from power came when a boyfriend passed a video of her doing naughty things around their school as retaliation for breaking up with him. The social sharks turned, and May was 'out' in just a few days. Worse, the video hit the internet, and she became known beyond her school.

She missed her social network, and May came up with a crazy idea. She'd just have to become someone else. When she entered college, she changed herself - her appearance, her name and even her mannerisms. And it worked. She was free of her past, and back with the 'in' crowd. Even people from her high school failed to recognize her.

At first, May just enjoyed being high on the social network again. But she began to enjoy being in on the joke, being able to sneak around and hide secrets from the people who would mock her, if she let them see the real her. But again, love was her downfall; when she told her new boyfriend her secret, he gave it away, and she faced condemnation all over again. Desperate to be someone else, her mutunt powers activated and she was gifted with the ability to truly become another person.

Powers: May is known to be talented at inflitration and disguise, though it's unknown how she manages to achieve such detailed disguises, since her height, weight and other features can change. She's also highly talented, with many abilities.

Ronnie Collins (in anime style, sadly)



Click to reveal..


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Morgan "Sly" Fox

Morgan grew up in an orphanage and had little in the way of a caring environment. His telepathy manifested even before birth causing an already unstable mother to become even more so. By age two she could no longer stand her child probing her thoughts and speaking directly to her mind and abandoned him on the doorsteps of St. Elizabeth's orphanage. Perhaps as a result of the rejection and loathing he felt from his mother and subsequent abandonment he became a very introverted child. His telepathy allowed him to know what others thought of him and therefore avoid trouble, but knowing what others think of you is rarely a pleasant thing. As a result Morgan lived in self imposed isolation only talking to others when he had no choice. The nuns thought of him as a very perceptive and intelligent child when they had time to pay any attention at all. As he grew he forgot his mother but never forgot the pain. He never once asked for anything from anyone, it just wasn't in his nature, but that didn't mean he didn't need things. The bigger kids would try to take what they wanted from the smaller and weaker ones as is the case in schools or orphanages everywhere. A combination of his telepathy and pure slight of had kept Morgan fed and clothed. Over the years he developed both into a habit of taking what he needed from others while avoiding confrontation. By the time he was 11 he was performing street magic for spending money and using his telepathy to make sure people tipped. He stumbled on to this by accident one day. He was picking a man's pocket and got caught; out of instinct it played it off as part of a magic trick and got out of it by showing the man several other 'tricks'. This began his magic career and the slow process of bringing him out of his shell. In his teens he graduated to having an actual magic act that he would perform at amateur nights at the Magic Island restaurant. Over the years he has become quite adept at using his skills to get anything he wants from people. He doesn't take advantage of those who can't afford it, out of a certain amount of sympathy, but that is about as far as his moral compass swings. He has no problem about taking anything from anyone that can afford it. Add to that the fact that he has no concept of privacy in terms of other's minds, and he tends to chose those thinking ugly thoughts as his targets of choice.

Hungry and wanting dinner at the buffet, well, there is a chump right over there thinking about the affair he's having. That person then buys him dinner thanks to a little judicious memory tampering and Morgan is happy and fed and karma ha extracted a little payback against the man violating his wedding vows. That is the way he works.

By the time the game begins he actually performs occasionally at some of the lower end casinos his magic act. His act consists mostly of card tricks, slight of hand and guessing games. The guessing games are particularly impressive since he uses his telepathy. He also does the spiritualist gig at some of his shows, again using telepathy. "Is there a member of the audience that has recently lost a loved one?" Looks to a woman in the third row, "You madam. I sense that their name began with the letter P, Paul, or Pat, perhaps?" The woman agrees, her father Pat, short for Patterson, passed away last month.

I've bought 5 in resources to stand for the fact that he never has any difficulty getting what he wants through the use of his powers. Not to indicate that he is actually wealthy. Although, if it can be done, I'd love to have a scene of him sitting at a poker table in one of the casino's winning a decent size pot of money by using his telepathy. smile

Morgan has never had a real friend in his entire life. He's had acquaintances and people he sometimes associates with or spends time around because they are useful, but knowing what other people think is very detrimental to developing actual friends. Besides with his abandonment issues he tries not to let people get too close.

(Having to band together to deal with the virus will help bring him together with the other characters. Besides he has hidden the fact that he is a mutant all his life. Having others know his secret will help.)

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Name: Juno Reyes

Age: 17


Physical Description:

A young Hispanic woman who manages to be both tough looking and very good looking at the same time. She has black hair and dark eyes, along with an athletic figure that she doesn't mind showing off in low riding jeans and tank tops.


Juno can seem acidic at first, with her world-weary affectation and her tendency to try to seize the top rung on the social hierarchy. She warms up quickly as trust forms, and is a fierce and devoted friend to those who earn her friendship. Perhaps because of her mutation, Juno lives by the axiom; "That which does not kill me makes me stronger." She doesn't back down from challenges, or fear for herself...though she will fear for others that she can't protect. She's determined to the point of stubbornness, highly competitive, and has little patience for condescension, patronization, and obfuscation. She's capable of tact, but doesn't usually bother unless the need is great, or the person has really earned it. She can forgive the bad deeds of others, but never forgets them.


Juno Reyes was born on an Army base in Texas, the daughter of Hector and Jennifer Reyes, a married couple in the employ of the United States Armed Forces. Neither her mother nor father had any mutant abilities that they told Juno about...and because of government policies about mutants and the Armed Forces, they kept her abilities secret. They lived on several bases, mostly in the US though once they were stationed for awhile in Germany. Everything changed though when they were sent to Iraq for the second Gulf War.

In a roadside detonation, Jennifer was killed, and Hector was wounded. Ultimately Hector lost both his left arm and right leg due to shrapnel and infection, and left the service due to disability. As a disabled veteran he had benefits from the government, but couldn't find work. Bitter at his fate, lonely from the loss of his wife, Hector lost most of his will to continue, and became content to live on his payments, holding memories at bay with drink.

Juno was left largely to herself. Being self sufficient, this suited her fine. She quickly made friends in the neighborhood...a low-rent slum district of Las Vegas' outer rim, not far from the new 'mutant internment camp' that no one had wanted on their backyard...so it wound up where no one could pay enough to make a fuss over it.

Gang activity was rampant, and Juno was sucked in. However, she quickly found that the gang lifestyle was not for her. Despite being tough, she had a solid core of compassion and responsibility that just wasn't compatible with a life of outright crime. When her attempts to quietly tip off police failed, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She organized an insurrection from within the gang, finding and recruiting other disaffected members to her cause. Finally they made their play, forcibly evicting the gang from their block and declaring it off limits. Since then there's been several skirmishes as the gang tests their defenses and resolve...but since Juno had the good sense to wait until they'd just started a war against a rival gang before making her move, they now have bigger fish to fry. For now.

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Annalise Michelle Gravinski

Age- 24

Height 5'10

Mass- 71kg

Eyes- Yellow

Hair- White

Annalise is a young middleschool science teacher in Las Vegas Nevada. Growing up she knew she was special, I mean how many girls could fly by age 13? Her father quickly told her that she'd have to hide her powers, because most normal people were scared of mutants like her.

It was that conversation that drove her from her Amarillo home and led her to accept a scholarship to Texas A&M University. She's quite intelligent, and despite earning a degree in mechanical engineering from A&M, she decided to be a science teacher.

She's fairly easy going, and enjoys her life immensely. She hasn't spoken to her family in over six years though, and a tiny part of her regrets that.

Her romantic outlook isn't great, she wants nothing to do with most of the men in Las Vegas.

She jogs every morning, and attends several dance classes on classical dance during the evenings, doing her best to add some real culture to her life.

She frequently goes out with a few of the other young teachers from the school. They hit the bars and csinos, normally with Annalise as the designated driver. When she does gamble she tends to break even, but has won on a few occasions.

Annalise is a relatively tall young woman with a pale complexion and What she terms as "Prematurely White" hair. In truth her hair was always platinum blonde growing up, and grew lighter as she grew older. It is still every bit as soft and healthy as when she was young, just white now. She wears it down to her shoulder blades in length, either in a braid for school, or allowed to fall naturally. She is attractive by baseline standards, though her frame is more athletic than anything. Her eyes are a strange yellow color which she simply states it is a result of when she was eighteen, rebellious, and a bit drunk.


Analise has shown a adept level of control of gravitic forces, using it as a shield, to fly, and she is capbable of using it as a weapon if truly pushed. In her trials she has found that she creates localized pockets of extreme gravity within a target.

Her other major ability is one she seldom uses, and that is to create pinholes in space/time using special gravitic waves to travel great distances instantly.

She has shown herself to be adept at multitasking and is known to be ambidextrous.

She is a registered Mutant though a snafu in the system has her coded as a Level II, not the Level V she actually is. (Reflected by Cipher 1)

She is well regarded in the teaching commmunity and has a good number of friends in and around Las Vegas, making her fairly in the know about things happening locally.

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Name: Thomas Davidson (Stage Name of Tom Davies)

Age: 22

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 180lbs

Hair: Light Brown

Eyes: Green

Hand: Right

Tom was born to a failing popstar back in the '80s who managed to die from the drink and drugs by the time he was about 3, leaving him to be brought up by his sound engineer/producer father who she had split up with 3 years earlier.

His father (Greg) brought him to Vegas and the small studio he has here, so Tom has grown up around the entertainment industry all his life. Going to gigs while his father manned the sound desk, tidying up around the studio, doing pick up bits as a backing singer on tracks, helping out at the gigs and now he has his degree working on the sound desks himself. Now he is no longer a student he has started to reveal a bit more of just how good a singer he is (9 dice) and managed to secure a regular spot as one of the support acts in one of the smaller casinos.

Tom has had some of his powers from a very early age, they first manifested as his perfect pitch and then on being able to Shape sound. This possibly saved his life when he was very young as his addict mother reacted poorly to say the least to him crying until he learnt to make it so she couldn't hear it. After she died, he was more immersed in sound than ever before at the studio and the almost constant music at home. Having access to sound proof rooms when other people weren't around has helped him to learn to control his powers as well. However, he soon picked up when he joined schools in Vegas how being an outsider or unusual in some way could get you picked on and mistrusted for quite a while, which directly lead to his decision to never reveal his powers. It did also lead to him picking up on the social skills and making sure that he could fit in with most of the groups in the school/college/Uni.

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Real Name: Joshua Solomon

Mutant Name: Solo

Age: 25

Height: 6'2

Weight: 195

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green


Almost nothing is know about Joshua. His parents died well before the registration period, which left him on his own for the majority of his life. Joshua makes his living as part of the Vegas underworld, the one you don't see in the commericals.

The rising anti-mutant sentiment has reached into the underbelly of society, placing him in greater risk than ever before. Now more than ever Joshua must learn to trust others not only to help himself, but others of his kind as well.

Joshua's rough life has made him very hesitant to trust in others. He's had to rely on his own powers and street smarts for years. He has a somewhat aggressive nature around others, due to his solitary nature.


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Name: Tim Wiley

Age: 17

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 165

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Occupation: Student/proofreads papers for money


Tim (The Sponge) Wiley, was an extrememly bright child who assimilated information at a prodigous rate. He knew he was different than the others, yet was never able to display any powers other than perfect memory retention, the ability to 'see' the nature of quantum around him, and reading a textbook in an hour. He's still in college, where he's bored and looking for something with more meaning.

It wasn't until he met his first Enhanced human and shook their hands that he realized what he was. When he touched them, he felt a surge of energy and was able to assume their powers for a short time. It opened a door for him and he wanted more. He wanted to be around other mutants, all the time, so he could copy their powers. They had to tell him that he needed to ask, as it was considered rude. Since then, he has spent his time trying to fit in with others like him. Unfortunately, most of them seem to be frightened of him because of his other power. The ability to drain them of their energy. Now he tells none of them what can do until he does it. Since he dislikes being alone, he has hired a young woman to stay at his house with him.

He's a bit of a nerd and he tries very hard to fit in. His franknees and inability to keep his mouth shut when it is appropriate, can grate on other's nerves and work against him when he tries to fit in.

His dad is a deadbeat, and he has not seen him since he was little. His mother is a gambling addict who works two jobs just to care for her habit. He was a latch-key kid who took care of himself because his mom was too busy gambling. He has no siblings.

As soon as he was able, he left home and went to school at nearby UNLV on a scholarship. He sees his mom infrequently because of the painful memories she brings to the surface. He prefers to immerse himself in fantasy and science fiction genres of all kinds as a means of escape.

His live in housekeeper, Rosa, is a middle aged Hispanic woman who's kids were taken back to Mexico by her husband. She fears returning to Mexico due to the nature of Mexican marriage covenants. In Mexico, she is essentially property of her husband. She hates the man and one day hopes to earn enough money to get her kids back. Her husband on the otherhand, would like nothing more than to get her back to Mexico, and has on several occasions, tried to manipulate her into going to Mexico. She has not spoken to her children in 5 years.

Since Tim shows no signs of mutancy and is able to conceal his heightened intellect from most people, he sees little anti-mutant behavior directed at him. Being at a university helps, as the students and faculty seem to be more tolerant. Tim suspects that it would change if they knew he was a mutant. Right now, his abilites are seen as remarkable, but not 'mutant'. In fact, he can't do much unless there are mutants around.

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Evanescence - "Eternal"

Name: Sam, aka Orphan

Age: 26

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 135lbs

Hair: Bleached Blond

Eyes: Luminescent Green

Cipher 5


Samantha Ming Wheeler is the daughter of a dilettante chinese mother and a backroom business investor father who rebelled against her mother's strict upbringing and enjoyed trying to get her father caught in his shady deals by attempting to leak information on the interwebz via her mutant ability. Only her parents social tenacity and large payoffs kept both her father and herself out of jail (and an early grave) on many occasions.

Despite Sam's behavior, her parents kept trying to appease her, though always with a stiff arm. Seeking emotional attachment on the web, she expanded her abilities and established a persona of 'Orphan' and deleted whatever record of herself she could find, which was damn near everything. Shortly thereafter, she was kidnapped.

[update with more as necessary or I think of it.]

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Public Name: Savannah Tanner

Real Name: Jeraldine Isotta Ritter (known only to telepaths who go digging around in her mind for it).

Age: 19

Height: 5'-8"

Weight: 130

Hair: Pale Blond

Eyes: Blue

Occupation: None

Background: Savannah, along with her brother Simon, were kidnapped by aliens at approximately the age of 14. They were forced to serve as a power source for an alien vessel because of their unique quantum abilities.

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