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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Nexus Earth - Chapter 5: Session 4: In the Meantime....

Justin OOC

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The next few days passed in relative ease for the Satoshi battlegroup. The US Fleet arrived, seemingly intent on occupying Japan, but Even in their damaged conditions, the mile long Archangel and the three mile long Macross were more than enough to serve as Deterrant. Six Nuclear attacks were shot down harmlessly without detonation and then recovered by CRT-7 Personnel under Amane's command. Liky and Kai transferred to the Nadesico breifly to greet the arrival of the Dalaraan Corvette Shiraza. There was a rather spirited meeting of the three surviving royal heirs and Kai and Captain Hoshino and Ishiyama. Lily's Younger brothey "Hayato, immediatley figures out that Kai is Lily's consort, and seems to take an immediate dislike to him. Her younger sister, Sasami, however had the opposite reaction developing a crush on the young Skeleton Key.

They were brought to Earth quietly aboard a shuttle, and In a Private meeting of all Saotoshi officers and the small group of VIP's, Kai is formally acknowledged as a True Amaha and control of the Entirety of Satoshi Heavy Industries and its CRT's is turned over to him. He promptly forms an alliance with the Dalaraan Empire's representative, Lily.

Shoetly after this Captain Ishiyama, acting as Kai's representative Made a formal broadcast asking for all Satoshi personnel remaining on Earth to return to Japan or otherwise seek to return home and they would be granted amnesty. Over 1 million people responded to this. With some truly impressive monetary means, Ruri managed to get Australia's Pm to allow People to fly there and then be transported by Satoshi to Japan. Those who could not fly gathered together in designated areas and were transported home by Satoshi dropship, escorted my no less than ten of CRT-7's Mecha. Saito was deployed along with his 3 man commando team for security for the Australian transports. It only took 3 days to swell Japan's population from five thousand to over a million. Combine a dedicated workforce of that size and with Satoshis Technology and the manufacturing centers in the Macross, and while Rome wasn't built in a day, Neo Tokyo was built in roughly two weeks.

Schools were reestablished, and CRT-3 provided Law enforcement and basic security for the average person. Eiji was largely put in charge of this effort. After some interviews and reorganization, Schools were reopened, as were markets and soon enough the airport. A large Port complex had been built while Kai and the others were in space, anticipating needing the Macross and other ships to put the city and nation back together.

With School back in session, Kai actuall elected to return to school for the second time. Masane and Georgi returned as teachers/coaches, and Lily, Valerie and Saito and Akina all came back as students. The regular students knew something was different about their student council, but they were all happy at the return to a state of normalcy. Tokyo Park was restored, as were many hangouts that had once been attractions in Tokyo. Things were not perfect, but everyone did their parts with a minimum of stress.

In an attempt to give something special to the Students of Jindai High, Kai asked to hold a belated school festival, Even though it was now almost Thanksgiving. The Satoshi Captains sensing that there was a dual purpose behind this suggestion, agreed, and things have been put into motion. For the sake of public appearances Raisho is the "CEO" of Satoshi Heavy industries and defacto ruler of Neo-Japan as far as the rest of the world is concerned. It is he that has entered negotiations with other world powers, though relations are very frosty at best, with the exception of Australia and Great Britain, largely in part due to either monetary methods, or the Influence of Consultant Geoff Brookhaven. Both nations have sent ambassadors to Neo Tokyo and been granted the rights to set up an embassy.

The Circinus Federation Fleet remains divided in four parts. One is in Geosyncronous Orbit over Neo Tokyo, Consisiting of the Flagship Macross Quarter, 3 Thera class carriers, 6 Black Lion Class cruisers, and 4 Avalon class cruisers . Another is Based out of Luna Base, With the Hagane as its flagship, along with 4 McKenna class battleships, 6 Thera carriers, 8 Essex class Destroyers, and 3 Dante class Frigates. The Nadir battlegroup is at the Sol System's nadir point Consisting of the Hiryu Kai as Flagship, 3 Conqueror class battleships, 1 Texas Class Battleship, 3 Thera carriers, and eight Fox Class Corvettes. The final group at the Zenith point consists of the Kurogane as flagship, 8 Tatsumaki class destroyers, 2 Avalon Cruisers, 2 Texas class battleships and 4 Thera Carriers.(69 warships total about 4000 mecha between them...)

When not at school, training for Valerie, Lily, and Kai continues, with Valerie being taught the basis of piloting by both Saito and Noha. Amane too takes time to school her in the Piloting arts. After almost a month, Ibis wakes up and is welcomed back into the team, despite no longer being able to pilot the Asterion.

(OOC what I want from each of you is a story of what you do in the intervening month, from arriving back on earth, to the two days before the Festival (where session 5 begins) I will award extra points for said story as this will comprise the entirety of session 4. If you wish to interact with each other feel free to do so. Bonus Points will be awarded as I see merits them. If you wish to interact with major NPC's (the Captains and Lieutenants, anyone who has actually been named get with me and we can work things out in chat or however best fits what you wish to write. This is the time to do any upgrades to your PC's either themselves or their mecha. Towards that end, I am awarding 50 CP to you all. These points must be spent and accounted for in your stories. These points represent what you do for the month. Train as you wish, though after you have posted your story, you must send me an updated character sheet in a New PM. Have fun with this people, tell stories you really want to. They can be funny or serious. Use this as an opportunity to truly flesh out your characters and their interactions with others. Stories about school life, going into space and not having to fight an evil alien armada and just getting to look around, or Coming down to Earth and seeing just what it's all really about.)

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