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Aberrant: Stargate Universe - Steve Courier


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Name: Steve Courier (No Nova name in use)

Age: Mid 20’s

Appearance: Steve is an athletic white man with black hair and brown eyes in his mid 20’s. He’s quite charismatic and has a trust worthy air about him. Somehow he manages to make the dullest outfit appear stylish. He’s done some modeling in the past even before “the process”. Now he might be the most handsome man on the planet.

Background: Steve is a high society “investment councilor” and hanger on. As near as anyone can tell he was chosen for the process (i.e. kidnapped) because his blood tested so strongly positive.

Steve's natural skill set isn’t especially relevant to a military unit (except perhaps for Etiquette and Diplomacy) but the general “tuning up” he got from the process and some basic training means he passes standards.

Effects of the Process: In addition to the literally ‘perfect’ looks he got, Steve’s reflexes, strength, intelligence etc were all upgraded to peak human. He reports that he’s found the difference in intelligence quite jarring since all his old mistakes stand out clearly to him.

Steve has the ability to fade into invisibility to everything but direct vision. Mirrors refuse to reflect him, cameras refuse to capture his picture, and he even loses his shadow, etc. There’s speculation that computers refuse to keep track of him although this has mixed evidence.

Similarly Sound refuses to propagate from his activities. It’s not clear if he’s absorbing or redirecting energy but he could fire a machine gun and still be as quiet as the falling dust.

Lastly, but not least, computers and other technology appear to just “like” Steve. He asks them to do things and they do.

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