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Okay, Try this: OpNet: The Movie!

Sakurako Hino

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Ooooh, Toughie.

Sydney - I'd have to go with Sam Neill. Everything I see him in, I get more impressed with him, and I think a movie version of Sydney needs that sense of Grounded Wisdom that Sam Neill does so well...

Alex - Ooh! Me! But seriously, Alex could be played by most Teen Actors out there. Unlike 'Kat or Syd, I haven't really been putting a lot of effort into getting him really characterised.

Teknokat - There are a few possibilities here, but I'd have to say that Halle Berry would probably do the best job in this role (and is comfortable with the GenAm accent to boot. Bonus!).

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Aberrant: By Our OpNet Unleashed

Be they Teragen, elites, Utopian, or unaffiliated, there is one thing the novas on the N!Prime.net boards can agree on:

"Hey. These are really cool boards."

So when the evil Project Proteus decides to shut down the N!Prime.net boards to drive a wedge into the heart of the nova community, the intrepid novas of this bulletin board face their greatest challenge yet!

See! John Cusask as Jack Chance, as he argues the fuck out of whomever dares to cross his well-debated path!

See! Lucy Liu as Endeavor, as she fights for truth, justice, and the right to wear sailor fukus no matter the venue!

See! A blob of CGI as The Vixen, as she dazzles Proteus with her ability to post 20 times a day!

Get Ready To Go Nova!!!

(Not Coming To a Threatre Near You. This movie has not yet been rated, or even made.)

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Vixen: *ROFLMAO* Lucy Liu? Come on! E-Chan needs the ILM treatment! And trust me, if PP decided to open a can of 'splode on N!Prime.net There'd be some hell to pay.

As for my picks, excluding my character, here we go.

Teknokat: Halle Berry - Hey, too many "Die another day" ads.

Jack Chance: Clint Eastwood - Sounds about right to me.

Walker: Vin Diesel - Bald, buff, and well, has a cool factor.

Vile Bill: Stone Cold Steve Austin AKA Steve Williams - Definately fills the bill. Will need hair though if VB had hair.

Jager: Some independent actor. Couldn't think of a famous name there.

Endeavor: Hmmm. I'm actually split on that one. My knowledge of foriegn asian actresses is limited at the moment. That's why I say ILM all the way. You just can't make up the large eyed girls with normal make-up effects. :P

Of course, if this was an anime, I'd have Studio Ghibli produce and make the movie. They're good.

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