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Adventure! RPG - Current characters?

Kane Knight

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For the first time in about 4 years now, I'm not GMing a game! That's right, I'm playing a character!

So since I'm psyched about it, I figgered I'd share it...

Name: Jacob Flint (Captain, retired)

Age: 24 years old as of game time (1920)


Physical description:Jacob is a moderately handsome man in his mid 20s. He stands 5'9"and weighs 160 lbs. He dresses both formally and (incredibly) casually, and is as likely to be dressed in his flight suit as he is formal wear. He carries himself in a very confident manner.

Origin: Born and Raised in New York City, Jacob was always a little bit of trouble. his lack of interest in "gentleman's" activities and insatiable curiousity lead him into enough trouble to embarrass his parents. In an attempt to keep him out of the spotlight, his father, Phillip Flint, actually bought his way into the army when The Great War rolled around. He found his way into the United States Army Aviation Section as a pilot. He took to the sky almost immediately, seemingly having a knack for flying. Jacob managed to turn some heads, even crossing paths with the Red Baron (Although he was, invariably, splashed by the Baron).

However, his inate piloting skills alone weren't enough to keep him in the military. With the end of the war, wanderlust took over and he began to travel over Europe and parts of Africa, following interesting stories and legends of all things great and larger than life. His parents actually endorse his travels, as he would disappear for months on end, and keep himself out of the public eye, so to speak. Both parents however, hoped that he would simply "get it out of his system."

To this date, he hasn't.

Obligatory stat block

(note that he wasn't quite built on the normal WW build. I had slightly more points to work with at several points, but it's in keeping with the game rules)

Nature Hot Shot/Explorer

Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 4, Stamina 2, Perception 3, Intelligence 3, Wits 4, Appearance 3, Manipulation 3, Charisma, 4.

Abilities: Athletics 3, Firearms 1 (form the hip), Melee 1 (fencing), Awareness 2, Investigation 2, Navigation 2, Academics 3, Beauracracy 1, Engineering 2 (airplanes), Linguistics 3, Survival 2, Occult 2, Style 2, Interrogation 2, Intimidation 1, Savvy 3, subterfuge 2, Ettiquette 2, Perform 1, Rapport 1.

Backgrounds: Backing 1 (Jacob has some clout due to his parents' deep pockets and a few innovations [not in the inspired sense] which he controls). Contacts (Military and aeronautics--Jacob impressed people in the military, leaving an impression that has allowed him to occasionally wrangle information, and he has served as one of Hughes' think tank boys on more than one occasion), Followers 1 (a dirt poor boy who only goes by "Kidd," who is a mechanic). Gadget 3(His personal plane, the Icarus). Influence 3 (between the flintname, his patents, and his time in the military), Nemesis 5 (I actually don't know. Some of the character details were decided working with the GM, and he thought it'd be fun to be in the dark as to who my archfoe is...), Reputation 3 (Primarily with flyboys) Resources 4 (both from patents and support of his parents, who would like to keep him far, far away...) Sanctum 6 (Any port in a storm: Rather than having a high quality sanctum, Jacob has an array of level one sanctums in major cities (ensuring he normally has a place to crash in any locale)

Advantages: INspiration 3 (Intuitive 3--Seat of the pants type of character+6 inspiration pool), Willpower 6, Knacks: Barnstormer, Gadgeteer (Inherrent understanding of most things mechanical, especially things that fly)

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