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Adventure! RPG - Adventure! LARPing Camp?


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OK, something that me and my girlfriend thought about while on holiday in Adelaide. We thought about Camarilla LARPing, and how we never really heard of Aeonverse LARPs. Then, somehow, it hit me: Hire out a campsite for a weekend, and host an Adventure! Pulp LARP!

We've got some thoughts already down on paper, but I'd much prefer at the moment to hear the kinds of ideas the people on the list might have. Our general plot, so far, is a Treasure-hunt race, with a few pulpy sub-plots, maybe with one or two groups of PCs playing the dastardly groups that attempt to foil the other PCs, and for those who aren't so hot on hiking, maybe a group could be waylaid at base camp, where a small conspiracy plot could be organised.

Any comments or suggestions? We're still at brainstorming phase, and we'd love any ideas on story and/or other elements...

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