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Adventure! RPG - Ten-Cent Tales! (Adventure! anthology)


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(What follows below is the proposal that was sent and unanimously approved by the EON staffers. Advised reading prior to submission, so as to get the feel for a shared-world set of stories, are "Wild Cards" edited by George RR Martin, and "Truth Until Paradox", White Wolf's Mage:The Ascension anthology. TUP is especially notable, as I am attempting to have the anthology follow, somewhat, the style for WW's anthologies. There are sevearl common elements that appear in 99% of the stories, in TUP these are the earthquake and the red-eyed people.)


It's the eve of 1926 and the Aeon Society for Gentlemen is holding its yearly masquerade ball! But beneath the veneer of sophistication, evil still lurks in the hearts of men and threatens the very foundations of the city that Aeon holds dear. For indeed there is evil afoot in Chicago, an evil from the Orient that has slowly worked it's way into the city's underworld. An evil that is...ubiquitous.

Ten-Cent Tales!

Ten-Cent Tales is an anthology of Adventure! stories written by a variety of authors and published through EON. The general layout of the book is to be similar to the standard White Wolf anthology novels, most notably Truth Until Paradox, the Mage anthology. The front cover should be a suitably pulpish illustration, maybe with Max Mercer and another member or two of the Aeon Society. A caption in Adventure! lettering should read across the top "Ten-Cent Tales!" with a little stylized picture of a 1920s dime below it, or maybe just a bubble with 10c written in it.

The main background event of the anthology is the Aeon Society's masquerade ball held for New Years Eve 1925. The best and brightest from all over the world have been invited, and the upper crust of Chicago society are readying themselves to be amazed, as the invitations they have been sent promise technological marvels by Professor Dixon, and astounding feats of entertainment by some of the world's greatest magicians, musicians, and the like.

The secondary background event of the anthology is Ubiquitous Dragon making a move on the Chicago underworld. His agents are around the city, as well as one of his duplicates (though the duplicate will probably never show up in any of the stories, though I may ask one writer, or maybe just myself, to do a story involving him).

Each story in the anthology should work chronologically to cumulate with the last story being the ball, or a climactic fight between the Aeon Society and the Dragon. Other stories are free to use little bits and pieces of the background story, but mainly each story is the writer's own. However in each there should be mentioned either the ball, or the mysterious orientals going about town (or perhaps a robbery comitted by a group of black clad masked men).

Ideally, the anthology should be between 7 and 14 stories long, each story being between 3,000 and 11,000 words. Each story should start with a picture appropriate to it on the lefthand page facing it (so all story's start on the right side of the book when printed double sided). I'd like to get each story from a different person, and I think we can probably round up enough people to pull it off. The stories should be written in a pulpish vein, and for further good shared world reference I'd say "Truth Until Paradox" and "Wild Cards" for seeing how to write shared world anthologies.

The process for submissions will work this way:

1) Everyone interested will send a written proposal, between a paragraph and about a page, to bard@eol.ca. I will read them over and give a reply of "yay" or "nay" to them.

2) We will discuss, via email, ICQ, or AIM, your story in more depth and try to make things fit.

3) Upon final approvall you will have 4 weeks to submit a written draft copy. This should be between three and eleven thousand words, and sent in the body of the email (my computer does not use Word, and thus Word documents tend to get very very messy).

4) Once your first draft has been sent, myself and a group of other editors will read through the stories and make corrections and suggestions. Your story will be returned to you. Within two weeks time we'd like to see a second draft. This will also be edited. In all hopefullness, that should be it.

Please note that we're hoping for a semi-chronological order of events, but that will mainly be in the editing process. Please note that the stories will take place between December 10 to 31, 1925, and all must occur in Chicago.

Although signature character may make an appearence, your stories should be about characters of your own making.


Art is really only semi my department. Once I have between 7 and 14 approved proposals, I'll make another thread on this forum regarding artist guidelines and such, and the art that we need for the stories we have.

Due to the format, I may entertain the idea of a few middle-story pieces with captions under them like "Max calls the smuggler's bluff" or what have you. These pieces should be very much in keeping with the pulp styles of the time.

In Closing

In closing, I'd just like to say that this proposal has gotten the people I've spoken with pretty excited. This is a chance for writers and artists to show off their stuff, as well as to show your vision of Adventure!.

If this project goes well, I've got two more stories: Price of Power for Aberrant, and You Are the Weapon for Trinity, on the drawing board to take place after this project is complete.

<font color="red">Edit: Just a quick change to the tags. Nothing else has been touched. Just a note that to underline things, HTML must be used. Kirby1024</font>

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I've now got proposals from Mark Freeman and Proteus, on the EON and Aeonverse forums respsectivly, now!

However, due to ISP troubles, I'd like to ask that all those that sent their proposals on Thursday and Friday please resend, as my mail server copped out on me and deleted all mail from those days. Sorry about that, and thanks! =)

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