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Adventure! RPG - A thought about Branch 9

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Does anyone else think that think that Branch 9 is the previous effort (or words to that effect) mentioned in Aberrant in the section about the creation of the Directive and not Interpol as the guy who located the meeting transcript thought?

Or is my brain fritzing again?


(in answering this please remember I don't own the Directive book so have no way of knowing if this is covered in there.)

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Well, from a fellow non-Directive book owner, here's my take (because there's precious little conversation going on around here, and this could just restart it up again!

Personally, I think that the "previous effort" may have been Interpol. Branch 9 seems to be (let's face it) far more effective at it's given task than the Directive.

In fact, it's entirely possible that Branch 9, with it's super-secrecy, actually survived until the present day. This, in my opinion, would be cooler than cool, and certainly something nice to drop into an Aberrant game. When they think they know who everyone is, in comes Branch 9. And imagine the Gadgets they'd have by then...

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Hey all,

Interesting thought about Branch 9 there. It is intriuging isn't it? I think if you wanted to dot hat in your game, then go for it. I think that it probably isn't the case in the canon however. I believe that in Adventure! only the British secret service group is actually called Branch 9. The ones in other countries are just similar groups that the AEon Society lumps together because of their similarity. They actually have different names, designations for agents, etc., only the purpose and general style of operation seem to be the same. Unless they become unified in a further supplement or something I would assume that the "previous experiment" mentioned in reference to the creation of The Directive is Interpol. The real tough thing is that Branch 9 and its counterparts are all working for specific nations, while the Directive is created to be international, just like the well meaning but oft unsupported Interpol. However it would be interesting to consider wouldn't it? Have fun all.


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