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Adventure! RPG - Character Creation Errata

Tuesday Childe

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Whilst trolling in a much darker venue than this one I ran across an interesting tidbit of information. The question concerned why character abilities in Adventure were limited to 3 dots and couldn't be raised without transformation points. The general response was that you should raise them first with bonus points and again later with transformation points.

In answer the original poster drew attention to the example that's printed in that section and reads:

"...Ellen wants to raise Racheals Brawl score, but she must wait until the next step in character creation. [because she already had a Brawl 3]"

The developer answered with the following:

Montano - 08/29/2001 01:37:42 - bruce-baugh@spiretech.com

I think we screwed up on the bonus points description, that's what I think. Disregard that ability cap, raise abilities to five dots with bonus points, carry on.

Yeah, I'm shooting for keeper of the Adventure! FAQ position when Chosen decides he wants one.


Tuesday Childe

having far to go...

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