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Have read the adventure book and love it, and its explanations for the existance of lost worlds being the result of the z-wave from hammersmiths accident is good to. I saw one mention in the back in the timeline area, that mentions ufo's, from 1938+ I think.

So the point in the aeon triligy plot, you only seem to have aliens in trinity (doyon, chromatics, coalition, qin, and those primitives the coalition raped). In aberrant none are mentioned at all, yet in adventure they mention the ufo's observed and such, the ufos=grays in my mind. So if they are mentioned why arn't they in aberrant or at least trinity?.

And if they aren't aliens but people of one of the lost worlds, with maybe some influx of ww2 scientist and soldiers from germany after the war, then they wouldnt just go silent they would continue their plans, yet in the aberrant world its like they dont exist or never had, what the ufo's all went home and never came back?.

From what i have in my rpg collection from white-wolf, they seem to avoid any mention of aliens at all, they have either abductions blaimed on the changlings, or its a project of the technocracy, or the nephandi, using high tech gizmo's. where they afraid of hooking in the mythos of the ufo's and aliens(grays, silvers, nordics, reptoids /reptilians) into their stories, thinking it might take away from what they wanted to put forward. I dont see anything wrong with psi-manipulating greys play cat and mouse with novas, or helping and manipulating the human race from behind the scene, maybe being resposible for the creation of psiads.

Hell it would really confuse the novas having grey/psiad hybrids running around shutting them down or doing their own projects smile.gif


call me a kitty cat will you, grrrrrrrrr see my claws, and watch them rip your heart out human.

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My suggestion would be to skip the psi aspect, that puts them at odds with mesmerists, psions and psiads. They're poaching into the psi's field of specialty. It's like playing a nova that always gets shown up by the NPC nova. If you're going to keep it a local phenomena (Adventure) than just give them Z-Ray tech and go from there.

Since we don't know what the lost worlds really are, it's hard to expound on the nature of the Greys. I can only suggest that you make whatever explanation is really true (as the ST not the Grey's) apply equally to the other 'lost worlds' as well.

Somebody has a post over on the WW forum that, if I understand it correctly, expound on a rather interesting idea. Canon says that there are potential universes (Aberrant rule book), and we have experiemental proof with those pesky Q4, Q5 and Q6 powers. Primarily cross-time travel and universe creation. If I understand this correctly, and I'm still thinking it over, the Hammersmith experiment allowed other potential realities to impinge on our own. The author states it more elegantly but it's as if section of our reality were simply moved elsewhere (or temporarily blanked from existence) and other realities filled in the void. On might assume that the situation resolved itself on it's own over time and that's why the lost worlds are gone by the 70's.

The really interesting aspect of this theory is that, since Z-Rays travel in time as well as space, these realities weren't spontaeously created out of whole clothe. Rather, reality was altered to not only allow their existence but also to join the whole so that the new reality had always been true! Z-Ray didn't create Enkidu and the gorilla city like some nova with matter creation on steroids. In the post-Hammersmith experiment the city had a history, had been there for some time. The gorillas were just becoming aware of the world outside their native environs.

Perhaps your Greys are part of an alternate reality's mining expedition launching from a base near Pluto or one of the gas giants. They've just recently become aware of the life on Earth and are investigating. Depending on how you describe them and their tech, they may not know their home world is currently unreachable. That's sounds a little strange, I know, in a generation raised on Star Trek and faster than light travel but there were other theories before warp.

If you assume efficient sub-light travel, an extremely long lived race(s) (the equivalent of the Optimized Metabolism Knack for all members of the race), some way of handling long periods of transit time (meditation or cold sleep hibernation, and a need to get out in the galaxy...

Well, a hundred years on Pluto as a miner might be the equivalent of doing mandatory service in the armed forces i.e. the draft. No one likes it but you do your time and go home to raise your little griglets.

Just a thought.

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I thought long and hard on the psi aspect and decided to keep it, just becuase mesmerists, psions&psiads also

have it doesn't matter, parallel evolution in power manipulation. I decided on covering all three linagers of

the game so have decided to give them psi hard tech (julian may/anne Maccafre tech), some controlled by mind

and make their basic technology energy/mater derived technology, Z-Ray tech is not appropiate, have given

that to the race in my storys/scenarios post.

Decided that the grey's dont belong to a lost worlds of sort but from an alternate reality, they greys belonged to a

exploration expedition, so they had a large mother ship (think coalition ark, but not that big), with all the requirements

in case something happened and they couldnt get home, as well as all the extra that go with it, their job was to examine

earth system, becuase in their reality, earth is populated by beings that have been mutated by quatum energy the beings

are all low level nova's think low int primates or homo erectus quantum using beings, the crews job see what the natives

where up to, and if they where doing anything that would be dangerous to the conferation of worlds deal with it.

They arrived at earth system, stopping at the,perimter of the system to collect a military escort as well as some other ships

joining their mission, then they all teleported in together, unfortunatly, in a alternate reality ours, hammersmiths gizmo

went boom, as their ships teleported, results the mother ship ant miscelanous fleet its military escort/contingent, where

transported to our reality for good, unless they can duplicate the affect that brought them to our reality, theirs no going

back for them, luckily their ships have all they need to develope and colonize a world from scratch. What they dont have

can be created using the energy/mater replicaters.


They are a 2 sex species, as well as being able to breed asexualy, and modify thier offspring to their desires in incubation tanks, they have

different, ranks and levels(caste system), they are long lived, able to clone and make drones, or genetical modify and

alter animals to their whims. They also have acess to a virus that creates warrior drones (think the black oil virus in

x-files, that creates a grey/warrior inside the humans affected, using them as a cacoon), this is used on some upducte's.

They have set up a secret base's in the asteroid zone, as well as some outposts on earth, and a main base on mars buried deep,

tho's not doing anything go into long periods of hibernation/suspension sleep.


call me a kitty cat will you, grrrrrrrrr see my claws, and watch them rip your heart out human.

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