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Adventure! RPG - Story Ideas


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just thinking of a bunch of places where we can get some really good hair raising tales of heroics.

I've pretty much decided that the PCs are going to be "Investigators of the Unusual". X-Files/Planetary type stuff. Also think The old Darren McGaven series the Nightstalker. (damn good fun too)

So here's a list of somethings I've decided to use for references. (and I'm exceedingly bored and will be up all night so i'll just keep adding as time goes on)

The Triangle (TBS)- Ghost ship's are meant to be left alone. especially if they come out of nowhere

Deep Rising - Unsinkable, Top Of the line, Luxury liner, Maiden voyage. yep they're all dead.

All Indiana Jones Movies - How can I not??

Doc Savage, Man of Bronze - Cheese factor 9. gotta love it.

The Shadow - One of the few Alec Baldwin movies i like.

Any of the Old Republic serials - Height of Pulp fiction

Ancients by R Karl Largent - Damn cool book

Lovecraft - winner of the best horror award featuring an Encephlopod. And Valadictorian of Miskatonic U 1922, Go Pods!

any back issues I can get of the All Star Squadron.

Tales of the Golden Monkey - Great TV show with a one eye Dog.

War of the worlds, Journey to the center of the earth, The Lost world, 20,000 leagues under the sea - Classics that deserve more reverance than they are shown.

Tarzan movies and novels

the Mummy and Mummy Returns, plus all the old Karloff Mummy movies.

Old Tomb of Dracula comics.

and last but not least....... Resident Evil. A city full of the walking dead what could be more pulp?

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Ah hell, I gotta bring it up.

Phil Foglio (Gawd that he is) is currently spinning some terrific tales in a bi-monthly (?) mag by the name of Girl Genius. It is very pulpesque in feel.

The world is ruled by Sparks (Mad Scientists who possess radically strange intellects) who have dirigible fortresses, steam powered robots (Clanks), artificial lifeforms (the Jaegermonsters kick muy ass), and other experiments (like Krosp a genius cat who was designed to lead all cats in a great army and conquer the world for one Spark Scientist. Unfortunatly the scientist failed to take into consideration the fact that cats aren't real big 'take over the world' kind of creatures.)

It's black and white, hard to find (damn unimaginative comic book stores!) but worth the effort.

Foglio Rules!!!!!!

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here's something I just remembered, the old series on Nick called the Tripods. think it was early 80's. Anyways the earth had been conqured and noone remembers a time when they didn't serve their masters. they had a resistance movement and infiltrated the aliens main city.

would make for a good game. think I'll map it out.

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Ah...the Tripods was based on a series of three books that was very very freaky to read as a kid. I think they toned it down for that show. *chuckles*

As for all these? I'd have to add 'The Phantom' (not great but very pulp), 'The Avengers' movie because of the feel, 'The Saint' because of the character type and how old the character actually is (The Saint was a radio show if I remember correctly), 'The Rocketeer', and any of the Doyle-based 'Lost World' movies because of the story not acting quality.


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An Idea that im Trying with my brother is we

are going to use dc comics WATCHMEN to run an Adventure series. My npc is Rorschach and he is playing night owl. Using the knacks in ADVENTURE they can be easily created as well as ozymandias and others. Since Watchmen takes place in our time and the people in it are old i have decided to set it in the 20's

when the heros would be younger. since it is in the trinity univers i am sure at some time rorschach and nite will meet up at some time with Mercer and the AEON society. The thing i like about Watchmen is the Characters are inspired as Max mercer is and others. Rorschach who will never compromise " even in the face of armagedon" who must fight evil for no other purpose than to do right, he sees no shades of grey only black and white. Nite owl a couragous Gageteer and master mechanic who makes amazing vehicles. Dr. manhatten surely the worlds most powerful mesmerist. I think the feel of the WATCHMEN graphic novel makes it a great pulp type adventure in the world of the tale of the AEON society. Whatcha think??

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Heres a listing of some great ideas for an ADVENTURE STORY... from diffrent movies

Austin power: ok dont laugh. even tho its silly got some ideas. Dr. is geat for a villian, hes got a hollowed out volcano lair, an accent, hench men, Lazers lots of pulp villians do to.

The Untouchables - in this movie the heros were surefire examples of heroic knacks in action. like when Stone stopped the baby carrage and still shot the tug holding the carrage.

Repo man -with emilio esteves (probably spelled wrong, sorry emilio)) Dont ask why just watch it. ok ill tell you why. The movie is pulled along by such a string of bizzare coincidences its amazing just watch youll see

ok e nuff for now

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Hey guys.

Just thought I'd throw a few more things in for consideration here, but I think many of them fit though they may seem out of genre.

The Star Wars Trilogy--Before everyone jumps on me here, think about it. These movies don't apply in terms of setting very much at first glance. They are however greatly inspired by pulp and contain many elements. The most significant is the characters. These guys come right out of the pulp pages in many ways, as do the underlying elements of the setting. I won't go into it here, but these are hard to beat for getting the essence of pulp and putting in into other genres.

Fist of Legend-- This one may also seem odd, but is very pulpy. You have obvious good and bad guys, forbidden loves, rivalries, all that good stuff. Plus the main character survives a "certain death" only to go ont o become a folk legend. How is this not pulp? Add in some spectacualr fighting and you've got some good stuff for an Oriental game/adventure here.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen-- This one's fun, but may be too dark. It takes old pulpish characters (Allen Quartermain, Captain Nemo, the Invisible Man, etc.) and puts them into new adventures together. It's a comic book, I beleive part of it may be out now as a graphic novel but I'm not sure.

Jurassic Park-- I'm talking the movie here, not the book. The book was a look at science gone wrong, the movie is a pulp thriller. If you go back and run through it again, I think you'll see what I mean. The archeologist knows exactly how to deal with the havoc-wreaking dinosaurs, and even the scrappy kids get a chance to save the day with their specialties. Also is has both dramatic and comedic elements, which is very important for pulp.

Just a few more add-ons to an already excellent list. Let me know what you think. HAve fun all.


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Heres one - HUDSUN HAWK with bruce willis

The candy bar Agents Great villians.

Hawk himself does amazing feats constantly.

One thing i liked in the film was the fact that every time he wen to drink his a cup of coffee some thing happed that stopped him. Stuff like this is a great story hook. Also when his partner (damn forgot name) goes over the cliff in a car but miraculously escapes is a prime example of the knack Death Defiance. Hawk himself has the knack Untouchable. I mean those guys had rocket launched timed bombs to shoot at him you'd think some weopon they had copuld hit him huh.Hawk was definatly a Daredevil. Sure the movie ws funny it was supposed to be. Humor can also add to a Adventure! Game..

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O k im throwing out one more. Lets not forget the old FU MANCHU books and stories.

He was one of the classic villian of the time when much of Adventure take place. My Grand father used to read of him. They make a Comedy movie which was also good with peter sellers caLLED the fiendish plot of Dr. Fu Manchu. In Which fu who is old collects various components to make the elixer Vitie which will make him grow young. O cours the elements to make it are Valuable tresure of the world which he steal such as the crown Jewels. Another Funny Adventure yet it has many classic pulp elements. I Recommend it to alot of the younger people out there who Probably have Never heard of Fu Manchu. God i feel old!!! ;-)

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