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jameson (ST)

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This is a knack that I am considering picking up later in the game, but wanted to bring it up for discussion:

Polyglot Non Pareil - Heroic Knack

"Of course I knew Icelandic - I've just never needed to use it before..."

You just seem to have a language in your repertoire for every occaision. Whether it's an absurdly learned history of language-learning, or a refined ability to learn new languages, you just seem to be able to show off a new language at every turn.

System: In addition to any other languages the character knows, the character has one "wildcard" spoken language. Once per story, the player may choose what language this "wildcard" language represents; the Language chosen must be one the PC has heard before. Once chosen, it cannot be changed until the next story. This wildcard dot does not stack with Jack of All Tongues nor does it confer literacy in the chosen language.

Prerequisite: The character must have at least Intelligence 3 and Linguistics 3 in order to be a Polyglot Non Pareil.


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