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Adventure! RPG - Adventure is only 1 book!


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According to Conrad on the WW Forum Adventure is only going to be 1 book, not an entire game line. Did anyone understand this to be the case?

I had wondered if Adventure would be the first direct to Arthouse line, but I guess they decided to cut their losses on the line already. I can't see 1 book would have been the original idea, as I know that it takes a good deal of money to come up with the original rules and mechanics for a game.

I understand WW's decision, but talk about destroying my expectations for something. I was so looking forward to the game line.

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My understanding of the situation is that WW do not expect the Adventure line to do well.

Indeed they have been comparing it with such books as Kindred of the East and Vampire Dark Ages, saying that they were originally written as single books. Only their success and surprise popularity meant they got further supplements and their own forum on the WW website.

On the plus side, I have found something very liberating about playing OOP games, or those no longer supported- it means that you can progress your campaigns confident in the knowledge that no 'official' books will come out and contradict your vision.

And because no more books are coming out, people will have to force themselves to use what they have and use their imaginations instead of saying "I wait till 'campaign book X' is out before I start my game".

Finally, a single volume may force WW to put all their metaplot ideas for Adventure in the one book instead of spreading them across the entire series.

So mixed blessings all round in my view.

I'm also interested to see how well their vision of Aeon in the '20s compares to the one I presented in Ab:FA.


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The following is Bruce Baugh's (Trinity Developer, and all around nice guy)comments on Adventure only being 1 book.

This is Rumor Control. Folks have my explicit permission to quote this message in its entirety, with attribution, whenever the subject comes up.

Adventure is a stand-alone core rulebook. We are not at this time working on follow-up volumes.

This is not to say that there will necessarily be no follow-up. White Wolf has a history of releasing promising but iffy projects as stand-alone books, and supporting them then sales warrant. Vampire: The Dark Ages was one such. Kindred Of The East is another. Both now have regular development and support - indeed, V:TDA is going to get a new edition next year. Mummy: The Resurrection is a third such stand-alone project, from just a few months ago, and will get support if sustained sales warrant it.

Adventure is in that same situation. Everyone who worked on it would be glad to do more, and we have a rather tremendously long list of folks who'd like to work on supplements. What we don't know right now is whether enough people are actually going to buy the game to make supplements anything other than excuse to throw money and effort down a hole.

There are several kinds of game book that gamers often say they want but do not buy in very good quantities when someone actually publishes them. Pulp is one of them. White Wolf management takes the eminently sensible stance that we should see if this time people will buy the thing.

I've seen complaints about White Wolf "not caring" about Adventure, and similar such remarks. I want to object to these in the strongest possible terms. White Wolf provided the wherewithal for Andrew Bates and me to hire pretty much all the authors we wanted - the real problem was in selecting from those we wanted to work with, not in scrounging around for marginal talent. As you've all had the opportunity to see from the promotional material, the production department has given us great-looking and wonderfully appropriate presentation, with very fine art. In addition, White Wolf paid for work from Warren Ellis, one of the best-selling writers in comics today and the man who's probably more directly responsible than any other single person for the current popularity of pulp among gamers and comics readers.

If White Wolf seriously didn't care, management wouldn't have okayed Adventure at all. It would have been cancelled, or indefinitely postponed. Instead, we've got a first-rate volume that I'm extremely proud of, and the chance to see whether it's commercially viable as anything beyond a one-shot.

Lots of worthy projects don't get that kind of treatment from game companies. We've got it good. So do you, because we were able to do our best work on it.

What comes next? That's something we don't yet know. The initial response to Adventure has been (to put it mildly) gratifying, but then so far it's from people we can expect to be fans, less than representative at the market at large. Soon the book will be out there for general audiences - I write this as it's moving from White Wolf's

warehouse to distributors - and then we'll see.

Whatever happens, you've got this most excellent book. If enough folks agree that it's wonderful and demonstrate their enthusiasm at the cash register, then we'll do our best to give you more good work. If not, we've provided you something that stands well on its own terms.


Bruce Baugh

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The annoying part is all the kicking and screaming and pulling of cyber teeth it took to get those answers from them.

Anyways, this book may be all we need. Sounds complete enough, from what I've heard from the people lucky enough to get it.

More isn't always good anyways. Tho nI'd love to see supplements, we already know we'll never get as much respect as their precious WoDers...

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I dunno. The promo material on White Wolf's site looked good.

Meanwhile, I'll fully and happily buy Adventure, even if it's a one book series. Not that I don't care, and I'll likely raise me voice in annoyance otherwise, but I suppose I'll have to take what I can get.


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Hmm. . .kind of mixed emotions on my part. On the one hand, I'm happy to have Adventure at all. There was a time when WW was saying the game might not even exist, so I guess we should be grateful. On the other, I'm a bit miffed, thinking that if it was a one shot they could have at least came out and said it earlier.

My advice? Buy the game and decide for yourself if it's any good. If it is, hype it. Here, on the WW site in the other forums, at your local games store. . .whatever. Volunteer to run demonstrations, hand out some home-made flyers. Get the word on the street. For if it is bought, they will make more. As it was written, so shall it be. ^_^


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Why has nobody I have talked to from anywhere outside of America not been able to get hold of Adventure! It certainly is not in my local games shop and I am beginning to wonder - did they print enough so that us fans of the Aeonverse games series who live on the other side of the pond or above actually going to be able to get a copy? Please not another Aurora australis!


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Friend of mine is ordered it from a place in England no problem. Usually takes a couple of weeks to get here after the states. I thought Auroa Australis was available in a pack on the WW site??

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AA was never available in a pack AFAIK. It sold out (quite suprisingly) many moons ago...although due to some sort of glitch it didn't make much money. Its popularity did guarentee anyother kick at the can for Trinity and Bruce has given my high hopes for Terra Verde and Asia Ascendant...

A lot of people want Aurora Australis but since Arthaus don't get reprints, its very hard to get a copy.

...and no, I am not planning to sell my copy wink.gif

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I know this board isn't for advertising...but Aeon did ask how he could get a copy of Adventure in the UK.

Check out www.spiritgames.co.uk

The catalogue is long, and a bit of work to get through, but they have got Adventure - either in the main part of the catalogue, or the "What's New" section.

I placed an order and had the book sitting in my sticky little hands in only three days, and Galway is a hell of a lot further away than Edinburgh.

Good luck...



There are no stupid questions.

Only stupid answers.

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