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Changeling-Earth 2: Freehold Earth - Manifest's Rescue Zone: The Morgue

Dawn OOC

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Unlike every other hastily erected shelter in the Rescue Zone, the Morgue is calm and ordered. It feels like it should be quiet, reverent, but grieving laments from the survivors created a hum of noise. Occasionally, that noise spiked into a shout of denial or disbelief.

Shelves found in the wreckage have been assembled; once earmarked for the geology department, their six-foot lengths and sturdy frames now hold corpses, not rocks. The first bodies placed in the shelves are wrapped in body bags; the latter are wrapped in whatever can be found. The last few to come in sit naked to their air, their empty shells displayed to all.

Whenever the body's ID tag was scannable, the name is written on the body bag or wrapping. Their preferred methods of internment are largely ignored as the burial crew struggles to bury those already identified. The graveyard sits just behind the Morgue, curving behind the debris of the engines, out of line of sight. Shards of shattered plastic alloy, now unable to serve their original purposes, are used as head stones, the names scrawled on the markers with a hurried hand.

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