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Star Wars: The Sith War - Character: Urith Deyal


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Urith is a young man who studied at several martial arts academies as a child, until he found a monastery that taught the arts of combat and of meditation. As he got older, he realized that his philosophy and that of the general populace on his home world differed. He was a quiet introvert who didn't care for the manipulation of power or people. His master at the monastery suggested he head out into the universe in search of other styles of martial arts he could learn from, and eventually return and teach. Through his meditations and self-discipline, Urith has learned how to channel the force internally. However he doesn't recognize it as "The force." He just thinks that his skills and willpower allow him to perform unique feats. He left the monastery and traveled the galaxy, carrying only the minimum. On one world, he was introduced to modern weaponry, and while he finds the use of blasters and other powered weapons to be ungainly, he has skill with them. His fists are his main weapons, along with his sharp mind. He has developed quite a forceful personal charisma and a tremendous amount of self confidence, which allows him some skill with convincing others what is right and what is wrong. In his travels, he has picked up a follower of sorts. He travels with a Small silver droid, designation MRSE-625. It is programmed with a matrix for repair, specifically for space transports.

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