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Star Wars: The Sith War - Character: Hana Rexius

z-Hana Rexius

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Hana Rexius

Last known image of the princess, taken on Corellia after a flight

The Noble

Hollenhannah Raechael Wyzendorf IV is the youngest child of the Corellia royal family. While this would mean that she would normally have some amount of power, with four older siblings and five older half-siblings, she has little political strength. Her mother, Queen Raechael, is the second wife of King Saemus. It is rumored that it was a love match, as opposed to his first marriage, which was a political union and ended after the Queen's suddenly fell ill and died. Hana and her full siblings have never been accorded as much worth in the court as the Heir-Apparant and his full brothers. She is the second daughter in the family, with her older sister being a full sibling.

Hollenhannah grew up in the lap of luxury with minimal expectations on her future; she was raised to expect to be married for a political union. She was trained in all the usual arts: diplomatic speaking and ediquette, alien cultures, music and, because of Corellia's strong space-faring tradition, piloting. Hollenhannah might have lived in relative obscurity, save for two things.

In BBY 1882, she participated in a starfighter race in celebration of the anniversity of her father's inaguration. It was for the nobles, and everyone expected that Tristan, the Heir-Apparant, would be the victor. Princess Hollenhannah stole the win, through a daring run that caught the hearts of the Corellians, who love courageous action of all kinds, particularly when done from the pilot's seat. The public nicknamed her Holli, adopting her as the planet's darling, much to the chagrin of the nobles, who didn't enjoy the princess' increased reputation in the public eye.

Within a couple of months of the race, the princess had disappeared from the public eye. There were rumors that her half-brother, angered that she had stolen the race from him, had arranged for her to be sent to a distant rim planet. But the public relations spokeswoman for the royal family stated that she had simply stepped away to take a sabbatical. Since then, the occassional "Princess Holli" sighting has been reported throughout the galaxy, briefly bringing the princess back into the spotlight.

The Soldier

Hana doesn't tell people where she's from, though she's happy to boast about her abilities as a gun-for-hire or a pilot. She's decent enough at both that she isn't exactly lying when she claims proficiency in either, though she's best when in the cockpit of a fighter. Many find her to be amusing and charming, if a little naive and unwise. She's quick to smile, and clearly fights any frowns that might cross her face. She's fond of her Astromech droid, R4, in the way that only someone who loves easily can be fond of automated tin cans. She is a hopeless romantic; she even believes in true love, the kind that lasts forever. She eagerly awaits her turn at love.

The only darkness to the young woman is her passion for hunting and finding slavers. There's some history there, though the young woman doesn't easily talk about it. She's very eager to find something, something related to the slavers. They took something from her and she wants it back.
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Accounting Page (for reals)

Credits starting: 8,000 credits

All-temperature cloak 100 credits

Comlink 200 credits

Usual clothing 150 credits

Flute 1,500 credits

Droid R4 Astromech 2,500 credits

Power pack 50 credits

BlasTech Ramtek 750 credits

Started play with 750 credits

Credits earned*

08JUN08-14JUN08: Profession roll (Piloting): 20+5=25, 2500 credits (3250 credits total)

15JUN08-21JUN08: Profession roll (Piloting): 13+5=18, 1800 credits (5050 credits total)

22JUN08-28JUN08: Profession roll (Piloting): 03+5=08, 0800 credits (5850 credits total)

*All rolls done by a moderator

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