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Star Wars: The Sith War - Character: Prince Gareth Talia, Jedi Padawan

Gareth Padawan

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Gerath is the crown Prince of the planet Onderon, the only son of Queen Talia VIII. He's a handsome, well-spoken lad who loves his mother and loves his planet, and has a genuine sense of decency, fair play, and honor. Raised to fulfill the duties of his familial obligation, he has been trained as a diplomat and statesman from a very young age.

At the age of fourteen, a visiting Jedi envoy took audience with the Queen for some diplomatic meeting. It was during this time that young Gareth was recognized for his innate knowledge of the Force. The Jedi Master requested of the Queen that they allow Gareth to be trained as a Jedi Knight and to serve the Jedi Council. While initially very hesitant, Gareth soon caught wind of the proposal, himself, and insisted he be allowed to go. Furthermore, the Jedi Master pointed out, it was the Jedi who had made it possible for the Queen to be on her throne, going back some five hundred years to when the Exile quashed a coup and kept the Queen at the head of her planet.

Ordinarily, even this would not have been enough reason to put the Prince in such mortal danger, but for reasons still unknown (at least, to Gareth), he was allowed to enter the Jedi Academy under the proviso that he eventually be allowed to return to Onderon to rule and fulfill his duty to his people. The Jedi Master agreed, and shortly thereafter, Gareth left his home planet, spending the next three years of his life on Dantooine, at the rebuilt Jedi Enclave.

Still a Padawan, Gareth has learned to control and use the Force in his time with the Jedi, and now serves as a lowest-rung Consular in the Jedi order. While not particularly adept at his manipulation of the Force, Gareth's true talents lie in his capacity to avoid conflict. A serene and sincere young man, he frequently speaks as both a statesman and a Jedi during diplomatic relations between worlds.

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