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Star Wars: The Sith War - Character: Brad Olan


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“He's a gambler, card player, scoundrel, you'd like him”

- Han Solo

Brad Olan's story is a simple one. Never really one for the 'sweat and toil' means of eking out a living that so many others did, he kept his eye out for opportunity. Ever since the basic school system he was always out looking for the next big break. The next winning ticket. The next way 'in'. In these endeavors he found that he was very good at arranging things so that the people around him got what they wanted and that he was at least in part responsible for it(and thus, had them in his debt in one way or another)

As he moved away from the primary school system he found that the things people wanted now cost a great deal more and took a considerably greater amount of effort and resources to get access to. When a member of a certain less-than-reputable organization of sluglike entrepreneurs sent one of its agents to contact him(his reputation as a fixer had apparently spread to the right--or wrong--ears) with an offer to serve as a small time courier, he saw the beginnings of his way 'in'. He was a smart guy, he could go for at least a little while, and if he got caught, who cares? It's not like he was doing anything illegal. It's not like he was smuggling or anything.

Brad did this for a little while until he noticed a holonet transmission of a system-wide Sabacc tournament. What caught his eye was not the game itself, the game looked pretty simple. It was the payout at the end. He decided that night that he was going to do that. He would find later that he was taking to the game like a spacer to the stars. His advancement within the organization was less that rapid, but considerably less dangerous. He found his skills at numbers and probability being put to use as a bookie at a number of... less than public gambling establishments that his employers ran. Meanwhile, so long as he did not affect their profits too terribly, he was allowed to practice and refine his skills at the tables. Now there are few who are not focused professionals that can outplay him and when it comes to facing the house, he always comes out ahead(and so long as he keeps a percentage of his winnings going to management, they tend to leave him alone).

Now, Brad is a relative unknown to the galaxy at large. His gastropod handler has come to the conclusion that he is more of a profit machine if he travels the stars and just keeps on winning. Sure, he has certain payoffs and bribes to deal with to make sure the authorities or other syndicates don't come after him, but beyond that, he keeps on doing what he does, living the good life and rolling the dice.

((NOTE TO PLAYERS OOC -- Most of his history -- and a lot of information about him in general -- is unknown, as he has a Reputation score of "-1" -- Low Profile Feat -- unless you are affiliated with the Exchange or the Hutt Crime Syndicate in which case he has a minor to moderate sympathy score, pending moderator judgements))

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Name: Brad Olan

Race: Human

Age: 27

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 170

Classes: Scoundrel 2 / Noble 1

Reputation: 1

Languages: Basic, Hutt, Sith

“He’s a card player, gambler, scoundrel, you’d like him” – Han Solo

“No Human in the galaxy has a right to be that lucky” -- Barpotomous Drebble

“Here, I’ll pour the wine, you tell me what you like best about me” – Ben Skywalker

"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm sitting in a cell. How about you?" – Lando Calrissian

STR 12 +1

Dex 12 +1

Con 10 +0

Int 14 +2

Wis 16 +3

Cha 14 +2

Starting Credit Allotment: 8,000Scoundrel

Skill Points: Scoundrel 55, Noble 9

Taken As Scoundrel

Appraise 4

Astrogate 1

Bluff 5

Computer Use 1

Disguise 5

Forgery 5

Gamble 5

Gather Info 5

Hide 3

Knowledge 5 Streetwise

Pilot 2

Profession 5 Gambler

Sleight of Hand 5

Spot 4

Taken as Noble

Sense Motive 4

Diplomacy 4

Gamble 1


Influence (Human Bonus) -- +2 to Favors checks

Trick (Lvl 1) -- +2 to Gamble and Bluff checks

Low Profile (Lvl 3) -- -2 to Reputation Checks

Class Features

Illicit Barter (Scoundrel 1) -- +5 to Diplomacy checks to buy or sell illicit or illegal goods

Lucky 1/day (Scoundrel 2) – Can Reroll any single d20 roll but must take the second roll

Bonus Class Skill: Gamble (Noble 1) – Gains any single non-Force skill as a class skill.

Crunchy Bits

Wound Points: 10

Vitality Points: 14

Initiative: +1

Defense: 13 (Class 2, Dex 1)

Speed: 10

Fort: 0

Reflex: 5

Will: 5

Melee Attack: 2 (Base 1, Str 1)

Range Attack: 2 (Base 1, Dex 1)




Starting Noble: 8,000 Credits

-- DL-22 Blaster Pistol (A&E Guide, pg 8) -$550

-Blaster, 3d6+1 20/x2, Stun DC 15, range inc 10m

-- Molecular Stiletto (A&E Guide, pg 30) - $700

-1d6 slashing, 19-20/x2, looks like a datapad stylus until activated.

-- Secure Comlink (A&E Guide, pg. 87) -$900

-50 km range, computer use DC 35 to decrypt

-- Kampardine Clothing(A&E Guide, pg 42) - $450

-DR 1, Max Dex +6, AC Penalty -1, customized to Brad.

-- Kerfia Thinsuit(A&E Guide pg. 42) -$900

-Maintains desired temperature for wearer, +4 fort saves to resist temperature extremes, 1 hr breathable air.

-- Hana Rexius, 2 stun sticks, restraints, and a date with Miss Tilly: -$4750

-- Good Lodging (5 days, so far, Core book p. 143) -$1000

-- + 4,380 Total Gambling Profits After 3 Rolls

-- + 2,300 Total Profession Profits After 1 Roll

Running Total For Money(accurate up to June 3, 2008)$5,430

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