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Eliot Krogen

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Str: 2

Dex: 3

Athletics 3

Drive 1

Sta: 3

Endurance 3

Resistance 3

Perc (Patient): 4

Awareness 3

Int (Excellent Memory): 4

Mega-Int: 1

Academics 1

Linguistics 5

Wits (Creative): 4

Arts 2 Specialty - Writing

Biz 3

App (Photogenic): 5

Mega-App: 5

Disguise 5

Intimidation 5

Style 5

Manip: 3

Subterfuge 2

Cha (Public Speaker): 5

Mega-Cha: 5

Carousing 5

Etiquette 5

Instruction 3

Perform 5 Specialty - Acting


Ally 1

Followers 3

Influence 3

Node 2

Resources 3

Will 3

Quantum 4

Taint 0



Iron Will

Taint Resistance

Time Sense




Phobia - Guns


Linguistics Genious

Almost Live

Blind Bewitchment (Speech)

Dreadful Mien

Name: Eliot Krogen

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Height: 1.78m

Weight: 69kg

Race: Caucasion

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

Hometown: Toronto, CA

Residence: Vancouver, CA

Profession: Voice Actor, Teacher

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Food: Japanese

Favorite Drink: Vodka Martini

(In case you were wondering, this is Warren)

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Born: August 7th, 1982

Parents: Gene and Tracy Krogen

Siblings: Gene Krogen Jr. (28), Tammy Stewart (22), Casey Krogen (17)

Brief childhood description: Normal

Clubs in high school: Drama, Choir, Newspaper

College: Vancouver School of Dramatic Arts

Hobbies: Teaching free seminars about acting and public speaking, or whatever else someone requests that he feels he can help with.

Tattoos: None

Piercings: None

Known Languages: Arabic, Bengali, Cambodian, Chinese, English, French, German, Hewbrew, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, and Turkish

Quirks: Almost always has his briefcase, seems to passively hit on all women, refuses to ever fight, joking or not.

People in his life: Eliot keeps many close friends and he has his entire family. A close friend of his is Michelle "Corona" Medford.

Goals: Finish his movie (see eruption background) with a sufficiant number of nova's interviewed.

Views on Baselines: He remembers what its like to be a baseline, to live in a world with people who could make you do anything, or just kill you with a break in his voice. He does what he can for the Baseline community, and has appeared in television, documentaries, and movies free of charge.

Motivations: Eliot does not want his talents wasted, nor does he want to appear as a monster. He creates his works to appear more human, although he could be pointed out in a crowd of millions.

Eruption Date: May 18t 2004

Eruption type: Exposure to Quantum Powers

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Unofficial transcript from an interview with Eliot Krogen

"My eruption was something of pure coincidence, as I am sure most other nova's would say. It was May 18th, 2004, and it was the premiere of a documentary by my old film teacher. He'd created this extraordinary film outlining the coexistence of baselines and Nova's. The film featured many famous Nova's and Baselines from around the world. I remember attending just because I wanted to see some of the Nova's who might make the showing.

I wore my best tuxedo, and looking back I was merely a boy in a potato sack. I thought I would make an impression on those who showed, enough that an aspiring young actor might have his dreams and prayers answered. The notion, I know now, was incredibly foolish. The red carpet was rolled out for the magnificent Vancouver screening, and I was in way over my head.

I'd arrived early, so early that the media was only beginning to set up. I said some meek congratulatory words to my occasionally pompous and always pre-occupied mentor and he regarded me with thanks than was on his way to the next fan. As the stars arrived, I knew that I would not be sitting through the premiere. A Nova stepped from her car, and it was unlike anything I'd ever seen. Adonis had nothing on this woman, and nothing but an exploding sun could subtract from the attention this goddess was receiving. I stared in amazement as she gracefully floated by and the press nearly killed each other for the chance to trample me to get the shot. I realized my nails were digging into my skin as my fingers were covered in a layer of blood and more sweat than I thought my body could produce. I withdrew from the media circus as the second Nova arrived and I took refuge in an empty restroom. Even the attendant had abandoned post to get a glimpse of the excitement. I ran the faucet cold and let my hands soak. I had no idea that pain could be rerouted so quickly.

The pain that my mind exerted was equally as astonishing as it was terrible. My head felt like a tumor had suddenly dug a trench in my brain, than declared war on my nervous system. I was nearly rendered unconscious, but a calming sensation came over me. I took a breath and it was all I could do before footsteps intruded my sanctuary. It was a beautiful man with shoulder length blonde hair, and this guy was scratching at the ceiling of baseline pretty. It was a surprise to later find that he was, in fact, a baseline. He offered me an Australian greeting, but it was as if the pain took ahold of my hears. I was stunned and it took severe concentration to understand the mans next works.

"A towel mate? Hello?" He'd mistaken me for the attendant. and with my ridiculous appearance I can not say that I blame him. I nodded and handed the man a towel. He looked at me with concern as I backed away, than fled the invaded space of mine. I speed so much that I went head first into a face that I would become very familiar with. It was Michelle Medford, professional actress and nova extraordinariness. She reeled back in surprise, holding her nose. I was taken to the ground by a team of bodyguards that she really didn't need, and was held until she demanded my release several seconds later. She must've realized the mistake and the near nervous breakdown that I was having, and before she could say I word I took off running.

The pain grew as I ran home, stumbling and swaying. Upon reaching my loft, I took a nearly lethal dose of mixed pain killers. This action was repeated for several days as I began to recognize my change. Though I felt terrible, I looked extraordinary. My voice was of legend and it took to my fourth day to figure that I'd become a nova.

I hurried off to a Rashoud Facility almost immediately. Two weeks or so later I came home and released to the press that I would make a documentary. The subject of the documentary was the transformation of becoming a Nova, and thus the world knew I was a Nova."

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