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Star Wars: The Sith War - Character: Republic Senator Cruith'ne

Sen. Cruith'ne

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Base of Operations: Coruscant

Image: A handsome, older gentleman, the Senator is a representative Chiss, sporting deep blue skin, stern red eyes, and jet-black hair, combed back. He favors immaculate suits with expensive (albeit refined) decorations. In person, he is charming in a paternal way, genteel, diplomatic, and supremely confident, and looks as at home in the Senate Chamber as he does in the ghettos of Nar Shadda.

Information: Senator Cruith'ne is as enigmatic as he is powerful in the Republic Senate. Few have heard the name of his people, the "Chiss", and fewer still know of his home world, an icy wasteland on the Outer Rim known as "Csilla".

Little is known of Senator Cruith'ne's past or how he came to be a Senator who now resides in the Core. Rumors abound amongst the Noble houses of Coruscant and those in the know amongst the royalty scattered along the Inner Rim, the most common being that the foreign politician was once a soldier in the Republic Army who, through brilliance and political maneuvering, attained a station as a diplomat to hostile, Outer Rim planets for several years. Throughout a series of well-timed maneuverings, he has now attained the rank of a feared and well-respected rhetoritician who commands the Senate floor with an almost reverent sense of gravitas from his fellow politicians.

A man of no small clout, the Senator is patient, reserved, cunning, and decisive, though it is unknown whether he is a representative member of his species in these aspects, or if it is simply the measure of the man himself.

Unknown to all, the Senator also wears the mask of "Mr. One", a faceless and merciless father of the criminal network known as the Exchange Syndicate. Using droids to make his will known, Cruith'ne expands his influence throughout the Galaxy on both sides of the law, for reasons that are as enigmatic and inscrutable as he is.

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