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Star Wars: The Sith War - Character: Evana Nivix


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Evana Nivix

Human Noble 3
Str 9 Dex 13 Con 13 Int 15 Wis 6 Cha 17

Hailing from Coruscant the Nivix bloodline is a proud family of engineers and bureaucrats. Founders and share-holders of several major corporations, the family has lived a comfortable (if not well-earned) life for nearly twenty generations making a large profit from the constant wars in the galaxy.

Evana is what most consider an embarrassment to the name Nivix. Studious and selfless, young Evana is an heiress to a vast fortune belonging to her mother, Daliana Nivix. Nivix blood usually leads the young women of the family to a cosmopolitan lifestyle of grand balls, galas and royal banquets surrounded by the best galactic luxury has to offer, all in an attempt to marry into more credits by selecting a proper noble gentleman as her husband.

This fate was to be Evana's eventually until a few years ago when she received word that her father, away on business, was slaughtered by a squad of Sith enforcers in the Outer Rim.

This event changed her life completely. For the first time in her pampered existence she opened her eyes to the galaxy around her. While her life was posh and comfortable the rest of the galaxy was suffering, dying slowly by the festering disease called "The Sith".

Against the will of her family she collected her few possessions and set out for the Outer Rim with a roughneck crew of spacers on a mission to bring some sort of a relief effort to the suffering people of the galaxy. She would honor her father's memory with great deeds and kindness.

Evana's heart is certainly in the right place and larger than life. By contrast however, her common sense is nowhere to be found. Having been raised in the cloistered halls of her family's extravagant estate she has no idea what the outside world is like. Naive to a fault, the poor girl sees the good in everything there is to see. She is extremely knowledgeable in several aspects of galactic lore, but aside from that the sweet noble girl has all the mental celerity of a mynock with Downs Syndrome. She's educated, but not quite as swift on the uptake as most people.

Devoid of a single evil bone in her body Evana is on a personal mission to undo the terrible atrocities the Sith have wrought throughout the galaxy. Her heart and attractive features make her a wonderful diplomat but her inability to grasp the obvious often leads her into trouble.

Evana's style could easily be considered somewhat trashy; not because she's promiscuous, but because she learned a long time ago in the noble courts that in most places men are in power and when it comes to men... skin gets their attention, diplomacy gets their interest, and bluffing gets them to agree about anything. It's unfortunate that her simple mind causes her to fall for just about any half-assed pick-up line that gets used on her.

She carries a datapad that looks like the old style paper hardcovers that are only used on primitive worlds. Opening the book reveals the datapad build into the 'pages' on the left side of the spine with a series of data cards in storage to the right of the spine. It is magnetically sealed and opened via voice pattern recognition.

She arms herself with a SoroSuub ELG-3A, a reliable blaster that thankfully she hasn't had to use yet. It's dainty and pretty, and fits her personality perfectly. She is often distracted by how shiny it is.

Evana's Blaster: The SoroSuub ELG-3A


Having recently lost her Class-B piloting license due to several unpaid parking and moving violations Evana has been reduced to using a licensed R4 Astromech droid to get her around the galaxy. She loves the color scheme but the rather free-spirited droid hates it with passion. AV-8R can't stand Evana; it only serves because it's programmed to do so. It never grows tired of openly insulting her inability to think and compares her mental faculties to that of a bantha.

AV-8R, Evana's Pilot Droid

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