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Real Name: Jacob McLoughlin

Nicknames: Praxis

Occupations: Novox Cover Artist

Legal Status: US Citizen

Criminal Record:

Identity: Public.

Aliases: None.

Place of birth: Los Angeles, CA

Date of Birth: June 11th, 1987

Age: 20

Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives: Father(Deceased) James, Mother Tilda.

Group Affiliation: None.

Eruption: First Performance

Date of Eruption: January 1, 2008

Height: 6’6”

Weight: 245 Lbs.

Eyes: Black

Hair: Black

Distinguishing Marks: Pale, almost white skin.

Known Quantum Powers: Praxis is a musician of unheard of skill and performance ability. This has got to be quantum induced. Nobody is that good. He is rumored to be able to "work the crowd" like few others on earth.

Abilities/Special Skills: See Above

Personality: Jacob McLoughlin, aka Praxis is quite possibly one of the most interesting people to talk to walking the earth right now. He's extremely outgoing and always willing to take a moment for his fans.

History: Jacob knew from the day he turned 6 that he wanted to get into music. His parents were more than happy to encourage this, being of the churchgoing persuasion. When he was 10 he joined a youth choir and aided in his father's Barber Shop songsters club. He looks back on it now and finds it odd that a group of men ages 25 to 70 would have a youngster like himself among their number but doesn't worry much about it now.

When he was 14, and a Freshman in High School, Jacob toyed around with the idea of starting a band. Inspired by the movie "Rock Star", which was released about the same time, he decided it was time to depart from the church choir barber shop scene(though he had become a fantastic performer in his own right) and go a little more modern.

Between ages 15 and 19 McLoughlin ran the circuit performing at local clubs and bars(who conveniently decided to either forget about his age or otherwise warned the bartenders. This did not keep him from getting his alcohol when he wanted it. He was the act, after all) Even doing the club scene, his band, which at the moment didn't have a name and was called McLoughlin's Band (original) in booking arrangements, was hot. It was when he was 20 that he was asked to open for a New Year's Day bash for Finnish band Nightwish(still looking for a lead vocalist since the 2005 departure of Tarja Turunen) that his dream was finally realized. He just had no idea how realized at the time.

January 1, 2008 - McLoughlin's Band was ready to go, a screaming army of Scandinavian metalheads waiting for that first chord, and Jacob froze.

Time slowed to a complete stop for him as he looked around at the army of hungry fans around him. Then something snapped in his head. The migraine was enormous, he had never felt anything like it in his life. Releasing an unholy roar, the force of Jacob's eruption set off a full array of pyrotechnics originally meant for the opening act. Jacob, meanwhile, manifested a brilliant set of wings of purest light that seemed to spread across the stage, giving him at least a 50 foot wingspan. When he looked up, his head still pounding from the force of the wave of power that had shot through him, Jacob was completely astonished by the reaction the crowd had given him. He had found his new drug, and it was adoration.

The "headline band" knew at once that they had been done in. Nobody had expected an eruption during the opening act, so the band joined in with Jacob and his own group. Critics all around the world believe that Archangel gave one of the best novox performances yet that day. Despite many offers and attempts to persuade otherwise, Jacob turned down multiple attempts to recruit him to become their new lead vocalist. He was going to stay and make his own way, make his own name. And "McLoughlin's Band", aka Archangel, would come with him.

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Nature: Gallant

Str 5 Cha 5 Per 3

Dex 3 Man 5 Int 3

Sta 4 App 5 Wit 3


Perform 5

Biz 5

Brawl 5

Might 5

Athletics 5

Style 5

Intimidate 5

Command 5

Rapport 2



Resources 5

Followers 4(Archangel)

Contacts 2

Influence 3



Huge Size


Iron Will


Willpower: 10

Quantum: 1


Mega-Strength 1(Lifter)

Mega-Dexterity 1(Physical Prodigy)

Mega-Appearance 1(Almost Live, Blind Bewitchment-Voice, Awe Inspiring, Commanding Presence, Seductive Looks, First Impression)

Mega-Manipulation 1(The Voice)

Mega-Charisma 1(Natural Agitator, Seductive)

Mega-Wits 1(Artistic Genius)


Flight 1

Psychic Shield 1

Empathic Manipulation(Area Extra) 1

Body-Mod(Special Effect): “Anima Banner – Ridiculously huge Illusory Wings” – Manifests whenever he uses Flight, no matter where he is or otherwise, whenever he wishes. Wings sometimes manifest as feathers, sometimes as light or something equally dramatic, but always as wings.


Bonus Point Costs


Quantum 1 (+10)

Willpower + 7 (-14)

Resources +2 (-2)

Huge Size (-4)

Sexy (-1)

Contacts 1-2 (-2)

Influence 1-3 (-3)

Nova Point Costs


Mega-Appearance 1 (3)

Emp. Manip(Area) 1 (5)

+ 12 Attribute pts (5)

Psychic Shield 1 (1)

+6 Enhancements (18)

Mega-Manipulation 1 (3)

Mega-Charisma 1 (3)

Mega-Wits 1 (3)

Flight 1 (3)

Mega-Strength 1 (3)

+ 18 Ability pts (3)

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