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Aberrant: 200X - Anne 'Rapture' Joy

Anne 'Rapture' Joy

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Real Name: Anne Joy

Occupation: N/A

Legal Status: Anne Joy has no criminal record.

Identity: Public

Nova Name: Rapture

Place of Birth: New York City, NY, United States of America

Age: 17

Known Relatives: Gareth Joy (father); Mary Joy (mother); Tobias Joy (brother)

Eruption: Public, involving excitement and emotional trauma.

Height: 1.5m

Weight: 50 kg

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Distinguishing Marks: Anne Joy is perpetually surrounded by a soft haze of pale white light.

Strength Level: Anne Joy has the average strength of someone who engages in little to no physical exercise.

Known Quantum Powers: Confirmed quantum-enhanced looks and charisma, and intangibility and flight; possible light manipulation.

Abilities/Special Skills: Anne Joy has only the most basic homeschooling and housekeeping skills. However, she is considered an excellent singer and can speak Spanish.

Weapons Used: None.

Appearance: Anne Joy is a small, sweet-faced brunette with large, expressive brown eyes in her late teens. She dresses modestly in subdued colours.


Anne Joy is the daughter of a youth pastor named Gareth Joy from the Joyous Harvest Ministries located in Manhattan, New York City, and his wife Mary. Homeschooled and kept sheltered from 'the sins and pressures facing children in this wicked world' (to quote her father's website), she was the subdued, obedient counterpart to her older brother Tobias, a brash young man raised to be her father's successor. Tobias, however, decided to leave the church and become a Buddhist when Anne was thirteen; Gareth, horrified, restricted his daughter's access to the outside world even more and made plans to train whomsoever she married when she was eighteen.

For Anne's part, she was obediently going along with her father's plans until she met the new assistant pastor at a rival ministry called New Purpose Church, a darkly handsome Hispanic man named Carlos Jimenez; it was love at first sight for both of them. Gareth, however, was a borderline racist and took umbrage at the idea of having 'Mexican trash' married to Anne. Torn between her love for Carlos and for her father, Anne prayed every night for a resolution.

Her eruption came several weeks ago during a vivid dream of being raptured to meet Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, she woke up floating naked in the air and glowing softly where the entire street could see her. Her parents revealed another side of themselves - anti-nova zealots - and promptly disowned her. Carlos decided to put things on hold until he could figure out what he felt about her, and Anne is now on her own, trying to deal with the outside world.

Nicknamed 'Rapture', Anne is currently living in Manhattan's Rashoud facility.

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