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Aberrant: 200X - Heart Of The Fiberoptic Web


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The entity known as Zer0 had been absorbed in the OpNet networks for a little over a day now. The eufiber colony that he had become so attached to had completely enveloped his body and extended from there into the access ports. There, amidst all the blinking lights and monitors flashing through the multitude of channels, opnet sites, and databases as fast as the machine could work, Zer0 searched for whatever he could find on his chosen interests. Suddenly, four of the monitors stopped cycling at all, three of them showing photographs and readouts on certain individuals, the other being a video feed from a club in Texas.

The Eufiber colony retracted from the machine and around his face, returning to the shape of simple casual clothing that it had once been. Meanwhile its wearer, the former human called Zer0 studied the screens with intent, speaking aloud crisply and clearly, the better for his voice to be recorded and filed away in his own database.

"Our first contestant is Jael Carver, a real winner in the 'crazy as hell' department but one of the more promising prospects that I've come across in quite some time. Phoenix, AZ, daughter of a real estate agent and a construction worker. Classy. Erupted in self defense in an attempted rape scenario. Developed razor sharp claws in the process, didn't turn out well for the rapist. Let's see, what else? What would I do without these lovely Rashoud Facilities to provide such clear and orderly information? Baseline pawns or not, they at least do that right. Hmmm, apparently can fly, cute little trick. Been seeing a therapist since a wee little girl, apparently suffering from minor loss of identity from becoming a nova."

Zer0 smiled at that one. "And so she seeks to solve that by completing the identity loss and joining law enforcement community. Won't be satisfied with some identity loss, must have total loss of identity. Ah well, we'll see how that goes. Recently went to Texas to visit none other than our next contestant..."

"Over here we have one Mr. Daniel Fox, age 16. Born and raised Texan, standard high school kid. moment of actual eruption unclear, though affects fairly apparent. Increased physical attributes, most notably muscle tone and cosmetic improvement. Wow, was that him before? Hmm, not going to argue with the improvement part. Anyways, doesn't seem to interested in letting on to his evolved nature, though god only knows why. Maybe his little encounter with Miss Carver changed that ever so malleable little mind of his. God I can only hope. Not much to this one. I'm half interested in what drew our little beautiful blender to him"

Zer0 moved on to the next screen and shook his head. "And if that wasn't enough, we have Mr. William Reed or after extensive research, I've come to call him, Boring Mc.Dullson. Best I can guess is he's one of those 'stealth novas' that don't really have any big deal about them, just a bit quicker on the uptake or more attentive than most. Pulled some standard crap when he was younger, and outside of being the reputed 'Kung Fu Master' of teenage libido and all about 'truth justice and the federal way', there isn't squat to this guy. God I hate boy scouts. Yes, note to self, I understand that I'm promoting the idea of her craziness becoming a fed, but that's for a purpose, dammit. Don't ever forget it"

Zer0 watched the three screens intently for a moment, as if they were going to do something, his brain processing information faster than any human's ever could. The one with Reed flicked off. "Worthless"

"You two though..." Zer0 mused as the screens changed to simply have portraits of Daniel and Jael filling the screen. "You two will bear careful watching. After all, I would hate to see all that youthful ignorance make you go and do something too rash"

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((OOC: Set to the "Mezzanine" CD -- Massive Attack.))

Zer0 separated himself from the OpNet, allowing his perceptions to return to the world around him. On the screen before him was a series of comments from some of the more well known novas that had decided to grace this OpNet location with their presence. Unfortunately, their eruption did not seem to have given them mental capacities higher than that of a typical high school kid of the species. "How depressingly human"

A tendril extended from his bodysuit and activated a number of other screens, wrapping around their cable stands and angling them in his direction. It was time to see who these people were.

A familiar image of a young woman clad in red and fishnet appeared on one of the screens. Zer0's recorder kicked on. "Nova, Flicker, Madigan. Native resident of Cleveland, OH... still in high school. That explains a lot. Got in a little trouble in high school over her refusal to 'dorm down' at the instruction of the faculty. Why would she....?" Zer0 pulled up two files, a recorded transcript of an old Jordan McDevitt show and a video of AM Cleveland. "Aha, that's why. Ok. She hasn't come into the world of the novas all pretty and pristine. I can relate. Let's see, soaked up the popularity that generally comes with the eruption for a few days, then came the legal trouble. Ok, makes sense now. Did that ever get resolved? Apparently... She seems to be going back to school now. I will have to check and see if they are making her 'dorm' or not.

"Power set is simple enough, she's a teleporter, and if stories of a past tense excursion to Mars are true, she has at least a small amount of quantum-enhanced stamina. She would need it to survive out there. So what else do we have here? Not much, standard baseline teenager mindset, doesn't seem to be to thrilled about her eruption but it seems to be growing on her. I'm hoping she grows up some time soon but not expecting much given the last few 'enlightened' comments on OpNet site. Leave it to the high school kids to bring down a decent conversation."

"Next up we have 'Contessa Danae'. Very attractive woman, even by nova standards. Not the best that the nova community has to offer as far as that goes, but still, above and beyond any baseline. Not much known about her, seems to be pretty straightforward in her honest desire to enjoy her new state. While more than a little naive, and as a result is likely to end up joining Utopia's T2M militia, has shown a little bit of insight into the various organizations and has not signed on the line just yet. Mother was a Victoria's Secret model, father unknown. Well, unknown without further research and I've got projects that demand more of my attention.

Her honest desire to be 'better than baselines' means that she has some potential for greatness and should be preserved as long as possible. Will research further as soon as further resources are available. End commentary."

Zer0 returned the screens to their normal place and stood, his Eufiber weave flowing over him to form a halfway decent outfit. He would love to stay and comment on these individuals all day and all night long, but there was work to be done, and since most of the novas around were still in high school, it would be some time before anything interesting came up.

Looking in the mirror, he looked very similar to any number of eufiber-clad XWF shootfighters. Interestingly enough he also looked similar to any number of nova poseurs who thought that dressing up like they were out of a comic book would make them 'cool'. Idiots.

Zer0's suit phased to form a flowing camoflage pattern as he took steps towards the door. He normally wouldn't even consider leaving this place, he didn't have to. However, his project had made certain demands on him that he simply didn't have the resources available to fit.

He would do whatever he had to do to progress.

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