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Aberrant: 200X - Regan 'Pandora' McLachlan


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(OOC: Borrowing from Emma Grace's format because I like it. This is also open to be changed).

Real Name: Regan McLachlan

Occupation: T2M Central Auxiliary, recurring writer for T2M: The Noble Cause

Legal Status: Regan McLachlan is a member of Team Tomorrow with diplomatic immunity in the course of her duties and no public legal record.

Identity: Public

Nova Name: Pandora

Place of Birth: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Age: 20

Known Relatives: Jack and Sarah McLachlan (father and stepmother); Lynne Jones (nee McLachlan - mother)

Eruption: Documented, due to public embarrassment in March 2004.

Height: 1.7m

Weight: 60 kg

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Distinguishing Marks: Regan McLachlan has extensive tattooing across her lower back, stomach and hips due to significant scarring in those areas; an unfolding white lotus framed by a black tribal border (lower back), "Know Thyself" in black cursive writing with a black tribal border (lower stomach and upper hips); stylised black rose-and-thorn patterns (sides of hips, connecting tribal borders).

Strength Level: Regan McLachlan has the equivalent strength of a baseline who engages in regular physical exertion and activity.

Known Quantum Powers: Regan's official T2M profile indicates she has enhanced mental attributes and moderate levels of psychic ability including telepathy and telekinesis. Personal observation also adds enhanced appearance and dexterity.

Abilities/Special Skills: Regan is one of the world's top academics in the field of nova pop culture and a highly talented creative writer. She can speak most of the world's major languages (French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Chinese and Japanese) and two African languages (Amharic and Swahili).

Weapons Used: Regan rarely carries weapons as part of her T2M duties, but she is considered to have some proficiency with firearms and other forms of physical combat.

Appearance: Regan is a striking young woman in her early twenties with the flawless complexion, regular features and gravity-defying curves of a comic book heroine. She has straight blonde hair that she wears short and large blue eyes.

Her T2M uniform consists of a long-sleeved black midriff top and hipster leggings that show off her tattoos (and the scars behind them) with knee-high lace-up boots and pouched belt in navy-blue with gold touches, the T2M symbol on her right shoulder.

Out of uniform, Regan wears smart casual and business attire.


Even before eruption, Regan 'Pandora' McLachlan was an exceptionally intelligent and articulate individual with a self-described 'geeky streak a kilometre wide'. Ranked #3 on The Australian's 'Top Ten Smartest Teenagers' in March 2002 with a baseline IQ of 145 and the first fifteen-year-old to be admitted into the University of Sydney's Bachelor of Liberal Studies program in 2003, she also holds the distinction of being the first Australian to erupt while under the age of eighteen. Though she can laugh about some prankster whipping out the T2M: The Noble Cause comic book she was reading during a psychology lecture instead of her textbook now, the public humiliation she experienced that day triggered her M-R Node and her latent nova abilities.

Before all of this happened, Regan was the product of a broken home in the suburbs and shunted between her father on the Gold Coast for holidays and her mother in Sydney for the rest of the time. Her high IQ was discovered in 1999 at the age of eleven, somewhat later than many childhood geniuses, after she received a perfect score on a standardised test and was accused of cheating. When the matter was cleared up and her intelligence confirmed, she received a place in the Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School just outside of Sydney, which she attended until she went to university. The school's teaching philosophy allowed Regan to pursue her love of pop culture as a valid learning process - but made her a little unprepared for university. She has become an advocate for Steiner education and speaks on a regular basis about the subject.

Despite being shuttled to and fro for much of her life, Regan's family life was remarkably stable and trouble-free, her parents having divorced when she was three. Her father Jack was an Army engineer who went into the private sector while her mother Lynne was an administrative supervisor for Centrelink, Australia's welfare agency; though she never lacked for material needs, much of the family income spent on her went into her education. When Jack remarried in 2003, this caused some tension as his new wife Sarah expressed her displeasure at so much money going on one child out of three (Regan's younger half-siblings, a set of twin boys).

Following a three-month stay in Sydney's Rashoud facility learning to master her new telepathic and telekinetic powers, Regan fast-tracked her way through her degree, majoring in Cultural Studies, Psychology and Japanese by the end of 2004. She spent 2005 completing a Master of Cultural Leadership at Griffith University and 2006 at Monash University, where she was one of the first students to major in Nova Studies in the Master of Arts there. Regan admitted that she would have gone onto a PhD except that when she turned eighteen, her parents told her to get a real job after this last degree.

Ironically, it was her Masters thesis Real-Life Heroes: T2M, Comic Books and Pop Culture for the Nova Studies program which got her a job; considered a breakthrough analysis of the effect pop culture was having on Team Tomorrow, she was approached for recruitment by Jennifer 'Slider' Landers and Michael Hodge themselves. Joining T2M Asia-Pacific as an Auxiliary member, she revealed her Universalist-Unitarian religious affiliation (with her neo-pagan philosophical leanings) and chose the name Pandora as her other choices of Lady Pagan, Heathen Angel and Hypatia were considered too controversial.

Pandora finished her training in mid-2007 and was assigned to Japan because of her background. When working alongside Nippontai with three other members of T2M during an earthquake in December, she was impaled by a falling metal pylon which crashed through her force field. Only Skew's intervention saved her life, and after intensive medical care has she been deemed physically fit again. Because of this incident, she has been put on Auxiliary status until the age of twenty-one - she currently works in non-dangerous situations, or well behind the scenes as a communicator or courier.

Currently, she is also writing several issues of T2M: The Noble Cause and contemplating getting that PhD (according to her OpNet site).

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