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Aberrant: No Fate - Prelude (read only)


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(OOC: If possible you can DL from In Flames, Album Come Clarity, Track# 13 "Your bedtime stories is scaring everyone" or send me a PM with your eMail and I provide you with the file)

Your bedtime story is scaring everyone

Find time and play with innocence

Like you ever would

I don't see you make any sense

I guess you deliver misery

Just like you should

1 o'clock and you paint the skies grey

It's not your fault We're the ones who betray

But how can you say it with such ease

You want to take a stand or just wanna please

Your bedtime story is scaring everyone

But you make me understand

The evil that man do

The evil that man do


The not too distant future

She made herself ready for work and looked at the mirror one last time before heading to the employees elevator. Her hair was perfect, her business suit just fresh out of the laundry – this was going to be a good day.

She got out on the 20th floor nodding to one of the pages who pulled a large trolley with luggage behind him to one of the suites on the floor. She loved her job, she loved the flair, the luxury – everything. On the way to her office she checked the tapestries making sure everything was in perfect order. She was expecting some very important customers today and the General Manager asked her to personally tend to their wishes – whatever that meant.

Turning around the corner of the corridor she saw a strange blueish light shining through the doors of one of the service elevators. More out of curiosity and less of necessity she examined the doors and pushed the call button. The doors opened and she couldn’t believe what she saw. Open mouthed she stared at the creature which just reached out with an arm to her. As soon as their flesh connect the blueish light expanded exponentially blinding her and burning the skin off her body… but instead of dying her body assumed the blueish color. Unable to move she felt the incredible energy coursing and merging with her body…

The camera zooms out of the corridor through the walls of the Hotel. From outside the building seems to glow with a bright blue color. For a second it looks like someone spent tons of money for a very special effect to make the whole building glow but just in that moment the force of the energy revealed itself bursting all windows of the building. The blue light expands slowly like a ball while the camera zooms back and then suddenly it collapses and explodes with the force of a 50 Megaton bomb levelling all buildings in the city…

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