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Aberrant: 200X - Jordan McDevitt Show excerpt [complete]


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Eyes Only: Section Bravo;

Classification: routine traffic

Destination: archive file 20080229a;

Subject: #20080229a Nova "Flicker" Madigan

Abstract: The following is an excerpt from the talk radio program "The Jordan McDevitt" show, originally broadcast on 17Mar2008. The topic is subject #20080229a and her suspension from high school.

(transcript begins)

Timecode 23:18:06 03/17/2008

Jordan McDevitt: All right listeners, now it's time for our thirty-second drill. I pick the topic, you make the sound bites. Light 'em up at 1-888-TALK-OUT. Tonight's topic: in Cleveland, Ohio the new teen nova Nova Madigan makes waves when she is suspended from high school for disobeying the administration by not "dorming down." The problem with that? Her visual QE is considered too distracting. Ready? Go. Mike from Sacramento, you're on.

Mike: Thanks Jordan, love your show--

Jordan: Tick-tock tick-tock, Mike.

Mike: Right, so this girl Nova, she's still got the protection of the Zurich Accords, ya know? You start treating her different, throw her out of school, it sets a bad, you know, precedent in her mind. Next thing you know she says she's not human and becomes a Terat or something. Keep her in school.

Jordan: No nova left behind, thanks Mike. Next up is Phyllis from Augusta. Enlighten us Phyllis.

Phyllis: This is like that time in Arkansas, when the federal government sent in the paratroopers to force those coloreds into the white--

Jordan: The term is African-American, Phyllis, and you're outta here. We turn to Marlin from Maryland Heights. Marlin, try not to be too bigoted for even my show.

Marlin: (laughs) I'll do my best Jordan. So she's capable of dorming. Why doesn't she just dorm while she's in class. She graduates in what, June? How hard is that.

Jordan: Marlin says "suck it up, Nova," and I'm inclined to agree. Okay, after this important message we'll have more thirty-second drill on a new topic. See you in a minute, folks.

(transcript ends)

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