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Real Name: Doctor Roxanne Richardson
Identity: Public
Date of Birth: December 2nd, 1978
Date of Eruption: March 14th, 2008
Age: 29
Occupation: Researcher
Known Relatives: Dick Richardson (father, deceased;) Diana Richardson (mother, secretary;) Nicole Richardson (sister, small business owner;) Mitchell Lang (husband, professor)

Appearance: Dormed, Roxanne is a normal looking if attractive Caucasian woman whose most striking feature is her white hair. She has emerald green eyes, and typically dresses practically. (Hates high heels.)

Undormed, Roxanne looks like a humanoid hybrid of a woman and a fox, with deep orange-red fur, a short snout, pointed ears on top of her head, white fur on her chin, chest and stomach, and black fur on her forearms and legs. She also has tails, three of them. Roxanne typically keeps "tail-friendly" clothing on hand, or uses her powers to reshape what she's wearing.

Background: Roxanne was always bright, even as a young girl. A car accident that robbed her of much of her motor functions focused this intellect, and at the time of her eruption she was a researcher in biological sciences at the University of Washington.

Her latest - and to date, last - area of study was of a creature that resembled a red fox, only instead of one tail it had three. It had been brought into the country by a tourist who'd found it on the streets of Osaka, unaware of the illegality of smuggling animals. Roxanne wound up studying it, convinced that it was some kind of evolutionary fluke, perhaps the origin of the myths of kitsune, fox-spirits.

Her research into the creature proved difficult - for all appearances, it was an ordinary fox, and Roxanne refused to do any sort of vivisection or invasive procedure. She told herself it was because the fox was a unique specimen, but in her darker moments she admitted a growing empathic bond with the fox.

Not too long after her research began, a fire broke out in the building her laboratory was in. Unable to use the stairs and with the elevators down, Roxanne attempted to free the fox. The last thing Roxanne remembers before blacking out from smoke inhalation is the creature biting her on the shoulder.

Roxanne awoke in the middle of the forest, somehow having either teleported or flown there. She was able to walk and talk - as well as fly, turn invisible, walk through solid objects, throw "fire balls," and manipulate the shape and composition of any inanimate matter. To her shock, she'd transformed into a humanoid fox-woman as well.

Personality: A resolved dreamer. Roxanne enjoys trying new things, and for her, 'new things' means a lot of what people take for granted. She's quite happy to be free of the constraints of routine that dictated half her life. She is introspective and self-analytical, sometimes too much so; she holds herself to high standards and hates making mistakes. She is curious about her abilities and the circumstances of her eruption. She loves her husband very much, and worries that the dynamic they'd settled into is in danger now that she's a nova.


Physical (Ter)
STR ●●
DEX ●●
STA ●●

Mental (Pri)
PER ●●●● (Keen Nose)
- Mega-Perception ● (Bloodhound)
INT ●●●● (Rational)
WIT ●●●

Social (Sec)
APP ●●●● (Exotic)
MAN ●●
CHA ●●●● (Charming)

Endurance ●●●
Resistance ●●●
Awareness ● (Keen Smell)
Academics ●●
Bureaucracy ●
Computer ●
Engineering ●
Linguistics ● (English, AMSLAN)
Medicine ●●●
Science ●●● (Biology, Zoology)
Meditation ●●
Rapport ●●
Animal Training ●●
Etiquette ●●
Instruction ●●

Allies ● (Mitch Lang)
Attunement ●
Cipher ●
Dormancy ●●●●●
Resources ●●●

(3 unspent)

Willpower: 5
Quantum: 5
Quantum Pool: 30
Taint: 1


- Mega-Perception ● (Enhancement: Bloodhound)

Quantum Powers:

- Molecular Manipulation ●●●
-- (Techniques: Second Skin, Molecular Alteration, Shape Alteration) (Notes: As yet, Roxanne is unable to perceive the molecular content of an object)
- Flight ●
- Quantum Bolt (Ball of Blue Fire, Bashing Damage) ●
- Density Decrease ●●●
- Invisibility ●
- Body Modification (Special Effect: Kitsune)

Bonus Points:
Iron Will (Merit): 6
Specialties +3: 3
Backgrounds +2: 2
Will +2: 4

Nova Points: (48)
Quantum +2: 10
Molecular Manipulation 3: 15
Flight 1: 3
Quantum Bolt 1: 3
Density Decrease 3: 9
Invisibility 1: 3
Mega-Perception 1: 3
Attributes +3: 1
Backgrounds +5: 1
Body Modification (Special Effect: Kitsune): 0
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