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Aberrant: 200X - WKYC at 6:00: Teen Nova in Dorm Dispute [complete]


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Eyes Only: Section Bravo;

Classification: routine traffic

Destination: archive file 20080229a;

Subject: #20080229a Nova "Flicker" Madigan

Abstract: The following is an excerpt from the text-only transcript of the WKYC Cleveland 6:00 p.m. daily news broadcast on Friday March 14, 2008. Video archives will be filed separately. Subject 20080229a has been suspended from her public school for refusing to remain "dormed" while attending class.

(transcript begins)

Timecode 18:02:34 03/14/2008

Sabrina Lake: Cleveland's home-town nova, Nova "Flicker" Madigan, who erupted two weeks ago today is back in the news tonight. Today administrators at Emerson High School suspended Nova for three days for refusing to "dorm" her nova abilities while attending class. Brett Harper has more.

Brett Harper: That's right Sabrina. Central to this issue, according to the school board, is the fact that Nova's abilities are coupled to her distinctive--and what they call distracting--appearance as a Nova. As you can see from her appearance on "A.M. Cleveland," Nova constantly flickers into transparency, and does so as long as her Mazarin-Rashoud node is active. Since Nova is a minor, we could not get permission to air her comments in time for this broadcast, but off-camera she explained to me that this morning she had presented the school's principal with a copy of the 2004 Ohio state law which added antidiscrimination protection for novas, and that she's simply holding the school system to the law of the land.

Sabrina Lake: Our own WKYC Legal Analyst Roger Thompson had this to say:

Roger Thompson: Student's rights can all trace their origins to 1969, in the case of Tinker versus Des Moines. In that case, the United States Supreme Court affirmed the basic constitutional rights of students, stating "students do not shed their constitutional rights at the schoolhouse gate." Since then, almost every decision aside from the notorious 2007 "Bong Hits for Jesus" decision has upheld this basic premise. Given the recent state law which protects the rights of novas, it seems that there is a strong argument for the rights of student novas in Ohio.

Sabrina Lake: Representatives of the Greater Cleveland School Board declined to comment. We will continue to cover this story, and will have an expanded report on our news at ten.

(transcript ends)

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