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Aberrant: No Fate - The Targets (read only)


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  • 2 weeks later...

Name: Richard "Newton" Brandt

Born: 02.11.1993 in Berlin

Physical Description (transcript from mission-briefing):

“This will be your first assignment.”, the holographic image portrays a teenager of approximately 16 years of age. He has dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and wears glasses. His face is strangely androgynous and if it wasn’t for his name he could’ve also passed as a young girl.

“What you are currently looking at is the face of one Richard Brandt, german student of Physics with focus on Quantum-Physics prior to his eruption.”, the holographic unit provides you with several pictures of Richard sitting at a café and talking with fellow students.

“Don’t let yourselves be distracted by his innocent looks. This is how he looks now:”, the hologram shows the same face only now it seems coated with quicksilver. His eyes are like displays constantly changing as if someone was switching channels of a TV and he appears even more androgynous than before. It is obvious to see that the boy is heavily tainted.

Known Powers:

Enhanced Intelligence, Molecular Manipulation, Matter Chameleon and probably Quantum Imprint.


Newton is extremely fanatic in behaviour. He is also highly paranoid and seems to have anger issues. Formerly a straight "A" student his intelligence was boosted well into the realms of superhuman and his personality changed dramatically. His thirst for knowledge (especially in Physics and Quantum Physics)has been replaced by the urge to seek the truth about the origins of Homo Sapiens Novus which led him to the Aberrants and the Slider Murder case. He does not accept any authority but his own. He is very inventive with his powers.

Last known residence:

Sydney - though there is reason to believe he is not there. Current scans proved fruitless since his movement is extremely erratic. There are 3 possible locations where he can be expected: New York City, Rocky Mountains or Denmark.

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