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Aberrant: No Fate - The Characters


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Name: Callum Uallas

Languages: English, ASL

Rank: Major

Nature: Jester

Background (Public): Callum lives in Glasgow with his daughter Molly. During the day he tends bar at a local pub where he is known for his quick wit and a killer winning streak at cribbage with the regulars. In the evenings he runs bar or acts as bouncer at a local club. On weekends he dotes on his daughter. He wears a battered wedding band on his left hand but asking after it usually provokes an uncharacteristic silence.

Background (Omega): Members of the Omega group will know that Callum's real name is Malcolm (which is just an anglicized version of Callum) and that he and his daughter are American's. Why they have taken up residence in Scotland and changed their names is unknown. Whatever it is that Callum has done to hide his past he was thorough as even the best hackers find no evidence of his existance contrary to his cover. Callum works with the Directive as a special operative. He retains autonomy and anonymity for the most part and gets called in to deal with special cases.


Callum is not known to be a nova outside of Omega and the Directive. He does his best to downplay his abilities even to those who know. He stays dormed down almost all of the time perferring to power-up only when absolutely needed. Those agent he has worked with have reported that even while dormed his martial arts prowess is unquestionable and he has reaction times that push the limits of human norms. His powers are known to be based around control of darkness and shadow including the ability to create a field of darkness that seems to swallow not only light but sound, smell, and even deadens touch sensations. He has also demonstrated the ability to deliver leathal blows charged with an unnatural freezing cold.



Callum is an easygoing man. He works well with others and does his best to add levity into nearly any situation through jokes and humorous comments. His taste does tend to run a bit racey but he usually keeps it clean in public or around new people. He is a dedicated father and when not working he spends as much time as he can raising his now 6 year old daughter alone. Asking after his past and/or his wife is the only way to really provoke a strong negative reaction from him though the team knows that she died some time ago though he will not discuss how. Callum will use nicknames with his comrades. He is an independant thinker and prefers personal combat though his skills do allow him to deal effectively with multiple baseline opponents and at times novas. When working within a group he prefers to play the role of scout or backup relying on his impressive stealth to remain undetected while striking from the shadows.

Physical Traits


Age: 29

Gender: Male

Race/Subrace: Scottish

Height: 5’-11”

Weight: 183 lbs

Frame or body type: wiry

Skin color: medium fair

Eye color: brown

Hair color: brown

Level of attractiveness: average

Tattoos/Birthmarks/Scars: scar under left eye, crooked nose

Facial hair (if any): stubble or none (depending on the day)

Handedness: right

Usual dress: jeans – polo or t-shirt in summer, rugby shirt in winter - jacket as the weather requires

Jewelry or accessories worn: wedding band, watch on left arm, 2" embossed leather bracer on right

Hairstyle: short Caesar-style cut

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Name: Cherub "Thomas George"

Languages: French, Spanish

Soak: Low for this group I'm sure.

Nature: Hedonist

Rank: Lieutenant

Appearance: A very good looking male nova of mixed race, Thomas has brown hair and eyes and is apparently in his early 20's.

Background (Public): Tomas doesn't remember the details of his training, or even his eruption, but he vaguely has the impression Japanination was involved. Utopia found him, trained him, and strongly discouraged his first name choice (Oversoul) leading to his current (somewhat tongue in cheek) name of "Cherub".

Thomas has a mixed relationship with Utopia. He's handsome, aberration free, and looks good in front of a camera. He enjoys training, really enjoys using his powers, and his 'big' power in their opinion (i.e. healing) is desperately needed. All all healers Thomas is easily employable and far too many healers have found work in the private sector or (worse) as elites. Balanced against all that is his habit of going off on his own to look for bars and loose women and his less than scientific approach to his powers. The consensus is he's simply not T2M material and if Utopia puts too many restrictions on his 'off-duty' activities he'll choose his sex life over his career and get a job with the private sector.

Powers: According to Thomas, his powers "let him control his Oversoul", a phrase that makes PR cringe. Eruption apparently fuzzed out his memories and mind, even for himself. He's very difficult to mentally contact (he'd claim his soul is difficult to influence since he has control over it). He can also become light which can fly (altering your soul makes the body change). Thomas can also heal with a touch (by manipulation of other people's souls). He also notices when ever anyone else notices him (everything is in contact with everything). As one might expect, PR has ordered him to not to discuss his religion or the exact mechanics of his powers in public, which he doesn't have a problem with. His identity before eruption is a mystery, it's strongly suspected eruption changed his finger prints and other identifying characteristics.

Appearance: A very handsome male nova of mixed race and average size, Thomas has brown hair and eyes and is apparently in his early 20's. He has a very innocent looking face.

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Name: Nosferatu (Simon Severs)

Omega Corp Rank: Colonel


Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'11''

Weight 185

Education:High School Diploma

Criminal Record: Unknown

Languages: English

Nature: Hedonist\

Omega Cover Identity

Allegiance: Teragen

Faction: Nova Vigilance

Archetype Monster

Appearance: An attractive young man, Nosferatu always wears black eyeline and lipstick. His face is powdered to give him the appearance of pallor. Small hoops and studded earrings run the length of both ears, and both his nipples are pierced. He wears clothing that is typical of the Goth/Vampire sub cult. The elongated canines in his mouth are real, and can pierce flesh. Whether they are natural or implants is not known.

Background (Public): Nosferatu came out of the underground Goth/Bloodletting/Vampire scene. It is rumored that an accident with a razor led to massive arterial bleeding. Only by erupting, was he able to survive. Specific details are sketchy, as there were no witnesses during his eruption. His girlfriend was not as lucky: Coroner reports say that she died of exsanguination, because an entire body's worth was found pooled on the scene.

He was able to find a home amongst the Teragen, who saw him as a unique cliche. They let him satisfy his bizzare tastes and remain part of the undergound scene. Some of those baselines believe he is a real vampire.

Background (Private): A troubled youth, Simon Severs sought refuge amongst the 'Goth' crowd. It was in this group that he began to read about the Vampires of lore and legend. Soon, he was obsessed with vampires and vampirism. His parents did not like his unhealthy obsession with the occult, but figured it was a phase. By the time Simon graduated from high school, his parents had accepted it as an eccentricity.

After high school, Simon's obsession led him to the more extremes of the 'vampire' scene. participate is bloodletting and drinking. It was both erotic and thrilling. He and his girlfriend began to cut and drink one another's blood on a regular basis. It was his life for a year or two. One in which his parents were not aware.

One night, while high on ecstacy, he prepared to offer his girlfriend his blood. Before he realized it, bright red blood was spurting from the wound, and his wacked out girlfriend hungrily sucking at his hemmoraging arm. It took only a minute for him to lose consciousness from his wound. His body responded the only way it could. Rising from his bloodless state, Simon grabbed his girlfriend and sunk his teeth into her neck. After draining her completely, he wept over her corpse before fleeing.

Shortly after his eruption, he was approached by a young woman with an offer. She told Nosferatu that if he signed with the organization she represented, she would make sure the particlars of his eruption stay hidden, in addition to other benefits. He signed, and was trained as a covert operative with Omega Corp. His first assignment is with the Teragen, where he is gathering information and learning about the philosophy of Teras. Nosferatu appreciates the purity and the individualistic nature of Teras.

Powers: His powers show remarkable simmilarity to Vampires in mythology. He regenerates his wounds quickly, and can recover from near death in a few rounds. He sees in the dark, is extremely fast, and can hold people motionless with his gaze. With a touch, he drains both health and life energy, leaving his victims weak and close to death. Those stolen levels are taken by Nosferatu, where he is made tougher and healthier. It is said the bullets and knives make him stronger. A cursory examination of his internal organs, shows considerable modifications.

Public: Quantum Vampire (Health)

Omega: Quantum Vampire (Health +Stamina), Absorption (kinetic), Dispersed Organs

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Name: Blaine "Void" Wilson

Rank: Major

Age: 24

Hair: Brown with blond highlights

Eyes: Galatic, per her taint, her eyes look like a cosmic event at all times.

Height: 5'10''

Weight 105

Education:High School Diploma

Criminal Record: None, but is referenced as the sole survivor of a car crash

Languages: English

Nature: Follower

Appearance: Her fine, straight, brown hair is waist-length and is worn in an artistic, exotic style. She is tall and has a graceful build. She has a tanned skin tone from being outside a lot. Her wardrobe is risque but sexy, and is completely black.

for a visual: Here

Background (Public): During Prom night at her school, she was involved in an accident where everyone but her died when the driver ran into another car. She was the sole survivor, but remained in a coma for many years. It was well after society started putting the Nova's that her parents petitioned Project Utopia's help. They accepted the petition and sent some of their researchers there to help her. Several months later they were able to awaken her only to have her erupt. After she had been reassimulated into society and trained in the use of her powers, she was put to work for Project Utopia. Her ability to travel made her companions to many diplomatic events.

Background (Private): Voids origins are public knowledge and up to the time she had awakened, there is little else to know. What Omega knows though would cause some backlash. The nova that had awakened Void was an Omega agent that had already penetrated Project Utopia. What he saw infront of him was the beginings of a new agent. One who could be shaped from the start. He molded her mind and her training to reflect that of a double agent. When she thinks about her memories, they feel like someone elses life. What is real to her is the here and now. This change has disturbed her parents because she has little to do with them. Infact, being around baselines tend to be difficult for her as she feels disconnected and tends to come of harsh or rude. Her saving grace is that she is compelled to go to the grave of her friends weekly. She hasnt missed a week since she was awakened by Carlos.

Powers (Public): Teleport and Warp

Powers (Omega): Warp, Teleport, Disintegrate (Linked to Teleport), Flight

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Sean McMillan

Nova name: Wraith

Devries Elite specializing in Assassination and sabotage.

Age: 27

Hair: Red

Eyes: His eyes are completely black and reflective.

Height: 5:10

Weight: 170

Education: Masters degree in computers from MIT., trained by the CIA for covert ops. Retired before eruption to work in the private sector.

Criminal Record: None. Until retirement he had Top Secret Clearance which was revoked upon signing with DeVires.

Languages: English

Nature: Survivor

Appearance: Short neat red hair, unnatural black eyes, above average height with a powerful build. He moves with more grace than you would expect from a man of his build. The other striking thing about Sean is that his black gaze seems to be sharper than a human. He normally dresses in somewhat fashionable attire, tending towards business casual more so than either suits or jeans.

Background (Public): Sean Jameson, DeVries elite with 16 confirmed kills, and 23 total successful missions(which include the kills). Despite his success rate he does not have a great deal of standing with DeVries because he tends to be just a bit too choosy with the missions he will accept. He is known for only accepting Kill targets that are ones he feels deserve their fate.

Background (Private): Major Sean McMillan, Omega Corp operative. He was originally recruited by Omega while he was still a CIA operative when he almost stumbled onto an Omega facility during the course of an investigation. When he was made an offer he could not refuse he joined the team, but his conscious would not let him continue working for the CIA as a double agent so when he erupted he petitioned his Omega superiors to allow him to retire and take on a new identity which was granted. Thus was born his public identity, Sean Jameson.

Powers: TK and Invisibility.

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Name: Keiko Daniels

Languages: English, Japanese

Soak: Very low

Nature: Er...Visionary. Or Architect. Pass!

Background (Public): While schooling in journalism and interning at a newspaper, Keiko also runs a conspiracy-themed opnet site that she is also one of the main contributors to. While not stupid, Keiko is open-minded to a fault and tends to err on the side of credulity. She passionately believes that the world is a battleground between powerful forces that manipulate and decieve and sacrifice ordinary people to achieve their goals...and has dedicated herself to discovering and exposing those forces.

Powers: Keiko has the power to affect the flow of time in an area...compressing it to make it 'faster,' or stretching it, to slow it down. Using this ability on herself can make her appear to move at unthinkable speeds...though from her point of view it's everyone else who has slowed or stopped moving. Interestingly, she can affect her -perception- of time as well...enabling her to appear to think quickly even though she's not all that fast a thinker by herself.

Appearance: Keiko is a petite, gorgeously cute asian girl who's sunny demeanor and youthful face make her look younger than her years. She likes 'clothes that move;' light skirts, long coats, anything with tassels or floppy bits.

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Name: The Fool

Alias: Jack, Grim Jack, Grinning Jack

Urban legend, mad bomber,and Proteus assasin.

Rank: Commander

Languages: English, Latin

Virtue: Thrillseeker

Vice: Fanatic

Age: Unknown

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 200 lbs.

Body Type: Lanky frame, long dense muscles, extremely flexible

Appearance: While certain details of The Fool's appearance may change, his theme remains. Only a handful of people have seen what is behind his faustian mask. His eufiber is with rare exception black and he will often incorporate a red accent. His mask has been known to change but is almost always the image of a devilish smiling man with mustache and goatee, sometimes with areas overlaid and adorned as in classic masquerade style.

It is said that no one who has seen his eyes has lived.

Background(Public): The Fool is an urban legend, an unsubtantiated rumor. If Novas could bear children, parents would use him as the Bogeyman.

Background (Private): While he sometimes refers to himself as Jack, it is an assumed name. In actuality he remembers nothing of his past.

What he does remember is that he was a baseline fighting alongside elites. One of the enemys, a sadistic killer with the power to warp minds took a special liking to Jack's squad. The nova used his powers to trap the team in a nightmarish reality, seperating the group and causing them to slaughter each other. By the time the nightmare was over, Jack was the last man standing.

He was about to pull the trigger when something inside his mind broke, and he erupted. At least, that's what he thinks he remembers. Sometimes his memories can be a little hazy. He usually doesn't ever think about how he started working with the OC. He doesn't like to because of the migrains it causes...

Powers: When The Fool's mind cracked, it seemed to him a spiritual revelation, what he has called the Revelation of Maya. Reality is an illusion. What he saw behind the veil was almost Lovecraftian. Reality is like a vast and limitless story or game, existing in the minds of Antideluvian entities who manipulate Fate. In particular he believes himself to be the willing pawn of one such entity though there are other players in the "Game" who worship or follow some kind of overlord. He claims to have visions of the future, at least some of which have been frighteningly accurate.

He knows when someone is going to enter a room and can tell whenever he is being noticed or watched, including by cameras and other devices or quantum powers. Disturbingly this skin-crawling feeling makes him constantly aware of his Master's gaze. He has been known to speak other's thoughts or finish their sentances for them, and he seems to be unfazeable. He moves with an uncanny, almost disturbing fluidity that seems to bend the laws of physics. He can walk on any surface, up walls and on ceilings, and balance on the smallest of points.

In combat he is a nightmare. He doesn't so much use martial arts as he dances about the arena with movements that somehow manage to be blindingly fast yet so relaxed as to seem almost lazy. Its a trick of timing. He is able to peer into the immediate future allowing his enhanced mental reflexes to perfectly time a dodge, or feint and he knows exactly when and where to counterattack for the most damaging effect. He has been known to challenge blaster-type novas to duels. He also knows exactly how to strike for most damage. While his grasp on reality is broken, he displays an incredible ammount of awareness and insight. He enjoys puzzles and paradoxes and the wisdom of the mad has brought him tactical genius.

He is fond of weapons of all kinds, whether firearms or melee weapons from slender rapiers to monofiliment wire weapons. He is equally happy whether sniping from afar or gunslinging with modified railgun pistols. He also has a fetish for explosives which he uses for ambush and distraction.

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Aliases: May Allman, Veronica, Lena, Rebecca Lee

Omega Rank: Major (her status is unknown to the other members of the team.)

Known Languages: English

Nature: Void

Age: Unknown

Height: ??

Weight: ??

Body Type: yes

Appearance: Varies, though reports say that May herself is a petite woman with a lush figure. Her background is unknown, though her dark hair and skin point to a Northern African heritage.

Background(Public): The woman named May Allman doesn't exist, nor does Veronica Powers, or Lena or any of the others. They have a tendency to show up in the worst places. She's willing to talk about her past, but each person who asks gets a different story.

Background (Private): May Sanders was born bitching it seemed, and age only allowed her to become more and more catty. By the time she reached high school, she was the Queen bitch of her high school. Her fall from power came when a boyfriend passed a video of her doing naughty things around their school as retaliation for breaking up with him. The social sharks turned, and May was 'out' in just a few days. Worse, the video hit the internet, and she became known beyond her school.

She missed her social network, and May came up with a crazy idea. She'd just have to become someone else. When she entered college, she changed herself - her appearance, her name and even her mannerisms. And it worked. She was free of her past, and back with the 'in' crowd. Even people from her high school failed to recognize her.

At first, May just enjoyed being high on the social network again. But she began to enjoy being in on the joke, being able to sneak around and hide secrets from the people who would mock her, if she let them see the real her. But again, love was her downfall; when she told her new boyfriend her secret, he gave it away, and she faced condemnation all over again. Desperate to be someone else, she erupted and was gifted with the ability to truly become another person.

Powers: May is known to be talented at inflitration and disguise, though it's unknown how she manages to achieve such detailed disguises, since her height, weight and other features can change. She's also highly talented, as she has a vast knowledge of many abilities.

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Public Knowledge:

The general public knows nothing of the man behind their many loved and loathed athletes. His role within the XWF is a carefully guarded secret of "Kayfabe." Those within the Elite community and those who hire them may have heard of the ex-Elite Frag. Neither of these identities are linked to the name Jacob White.


Jacob White* was born in Atlanta Georgia to a moderately well off family. Out of personal pride and defiance of his parent's wishes he elected to pay his own way through college by entering the Army's ROTC program. While studying at Georgia Tech he earned a dual degree in Literature and International affairs.

In the Army, he aquit himself well, earning the nickname "Bookworm White" for his reading habits and depth of vocabulary. His intelligence distinguished him early on, landing a promotion to the legendary Delta Force. It was here that he was noticed by the Central Intelligence Agency for his extreme valour and effectiveness. He performed many field operations for them, eventually transitioning from Military to Covert Ops and becomming a highly accomplished assassin and saboteur. Somewhere along the line, he erupted.

Knowing that the C.I.A. wouldn't willingly let him go, Jacob faked his own death with the help of a close friend within the agency. Apparently he already possesed shapeshifting and cloning abilities at this time. He had arranged to find employment and a new identity through DeVries, and began his new life as the mercenary Frag, earning a reputation as a deadly tracker, bounty hunter, and one man army.

Only a few short years of this and Jacob was finally ready to quit the merc game. He was rich now and had better things to do than slog through malarial swamps and claustrophobic jungles. Unfortunately he had a problem. As his quantum evolution continued down the line of predation, his body became more and more dependant upon the Quantum energy he would steal from his targets. He needed a way to keep feeding legitamately in order to maintain a civilized life.

Jacob found the perfect solution to his problem in the form of the Xtreme Warfare Federation. Insanely popular yet plagued with scandal involving the use of unstable violent mitoid "jobbers" Jacob offered them an inspired proposition. He would use his shapeshifting and incredible resiliency to create as many new characters as they wished. Fresh Faces or freakish Heels it made no difference. The ones that proved popular could remain while the ones that didn't "pop" could be easily discarded. Every now and then, two of his creations would become popular enough to fight each other, and he would battle himself like one of Tyler Durden's wet dreams.

Within the organization he is both popular and powerful. You might even say that he loves his work too much. He is reliable, impeccable and his willingness (some would say obessesion) to endure severe injury has allowed him to become the perfect protagonist or the ultimate fall guy. Not only is he capable of "selling" his punches to seem mighty while preventing injuries, he has no qualms about receiving full force attacks from his opponents to spectacular (and often grisly) effect. He saves the owners money, makes his co-workers look good to the marks, and in return he stays well-fed, fat and happy.

When his old friend called him a year ago to act as a reference to DeVries, Jacob happily called in a few favors to get him the job.

*Real Name unknown


Jacob White lives by his own peculiar form of honor, a somewhat twisted form of the ethic of reciprocity. By default he is is courteous, polite, well-read and honorable. If one treats him with dignity and respect he can be an implaccable and gracious friend. He always repays his debts in kind, never forgets a favor and is loyal unto death. However in contrast, should he be wronged or slighted, that same relentless memory will drive him to an equal serving of vengeance. His word is his bond whether that be a bond of blood and brotherhood or one of dire consequence. He prefers at all times to enjoy himself but his morality of an eye for an eye will take priority when it must.

As he enters the Chronicle, Jacob is a simple if wealthy man enjoying his working "retirement" in anonymity.

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