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Public Profile for 'Kevlar'

Name: Kevin Larson

Occupation: Honorary senior researcher and official Nova liaison for DuPont Corporation

Legal Status: American citizen with no criminal record

Location: Wilmington Delaware

Identity: Public

Nova Name: Kevlar

Place of Birth: Minneapolis, MN

Age: 26

Eruption: Shot by an intruder at a DuPont research facility. Erupted immediately afterward. Details beyond this have been strictly withheld by DuPont.

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 180lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Dark blond

Distinguishing Marks: One irregular patch of white on each temple, and one on his chest and back. These are the remnants of the bullet wounds that prompted his eruption.

Approximate Power Level: Though his unusual condition makes testing, difficult, Kevlar is thought to be among the most durable Novas in existence. His lack of offensive or active abilities, however, makes him generally un-noteworthy in terms of relative power.

Known Quantum Powers: Damaged tissue instantly regenerates as a dense, white, polymer-like substance. The regenerated material has resisted all attempts at collection for sampling and seems essentially indestructable. The substance replaced a portion of his brain and skull and some of his left lung and surrounding tissues during injuries sustained at eruption. 100% immunity to all toxins and allergens on the standard battery of post-eruption tests. Requirements for rest and nourishment reportedly nil.

Abilities/Special Skills: PhD Chemical Engineering, University of Minnesota, Mineappolis, MN

Weapons Used: None

Appearance and Personality: Kevlar Often appears moderately disheveled, even in his Eufiber uniform. Though it is rumored that he 'cleans up' well, his appearance is generally unremarkable. By his own admission, Kevlar is not especially interested in or adept at the public relations work he was assigned after his eruption. His methodical, soft spoken approach to most public and social interactions has gained him a reputation for being a very down-to-earth Nova. Kevlar's interests lie primarily in organic chemistry and materials science, pursuits at which he is quite proficient by baseline standards.

DuPont: The DuPont corporation acted swiftly and decisively when it learned it had a Nova on its payroll. Kevlar's primary official duties were shifted from R&D to the public and not-especially-academic role of "Nova Liaison". His primary function in this capacity is to interact with the Nova community and obtain feedback on their use of and requirements for DuPont products and services, in addition to miscellaneous PR activities. His role as honorary researcher came at his own request. His capabilities as a talented baseline-level researcher were thoroughly overshadowed by his Nova status, in the eyes of his employers.

Kevlar has used his new status to promote environmental and safety reforms within the chemical industry in general and DuPont in particular. Though the efforts were initially decried by the company, his persistence has started to show signs of success.

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Kevin "Kevlar" Larson

(A '+' is a free dot. A '*' is a bought dot)


Strength :+*

Dexterity :+**

Stamina :+****


Perception :+*


Wits :+*


Appearance :+*


Charisma :+*



**- Athletics

*- Drive

**- Martial Arts


+++**- Endurance

+++**- Resistance


**- Awareness

**- Investigation


**- Academics

*- Bureaucracy

*- Computer

***- Science


*- Rapport


*- Command

*- Etiquette






Will: +++****

Quantum: +++*


Bonus: 15/15

1 Quantum

4 will

Nova Points: 30/50


Mega-Stamina(+Adaptability)***** (15)


Psychic Shield*** (3)

Body Modification(0)

Polymerizing Flesh (Kevin's body is practically baseline at present. The effect of his incredible quantum-resistance to injury only appears when he is wounded, and once it does appear, it stays. Any damage to his body more severe than a minor cut or bruise heals nigh instantly with a white polymer-like substance instead of flesh. It is uncertain what this will mean for his appearance in the long run...)

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