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Aberrant RPG - Powers of the gods in 5 easy steps


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Hey Kiddies do you want to know how to use a basic 30 point nova to neem anyone on the planet or the planet itself its a small pile of nothing. Watch and learn

step 1: Buy 11 or so direct damage 2nd level powers and link them in a web so that each power has 10 or so 5 point weakness links.

Step TWO: Add the following extras to each power.


reduced quantum cost

armor piercing



reflexive lv2

Extended range

Affect density decrease (Any sane GM will allow it)

Now remember use those weakness points to keep the powers levels at 1.

Step THREE: Buy all of these powers for 11 nova points. Grab Mega dex 5 and mega perception 1 with omni directional vision.

Step FOUR: Behold the power of your creation.... With the ability to muster 66 normal dice and 55 mega dice to hit any target in line of sight with no range penalty doing an average of 240 levels of armor piercing and 120 levels of aggravated density decreased bitch hittng action. Laugh as your reflextive power allways acts first and allways toasts, behold your ability to power block any attack from any angle instantly and automaticly and in any quantity. Well you say thats all well and good but how will you pay for it. Simple my slightly irksome companion reduced quantum cost on a level 1 power makes sure you could do this from sunrise to sunset. With that nice fat 0 for a QC.

Step Five: Extort the other players for munchies, and demand ludicrous concessions from project utopia or you destroy the whole kit and caboodle. Then destroy them anyway. Knock of all the powerhouses mal, pax, rousseau, sering, erikson, anteaus and more. Go to devries take over and force their more atractive elites to perform humiliating acts of sex drugs and mud wrestling. And to top it all of Drink margeritas made of the blood of babes.... Just because you can..


<< Conan what is the true purpose of life:

"to crush you enemies to see them driven before you and to hear the lamentations of their women.">>

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three words: O quantum Cost

Read before you criticize. It save you a lot of trouble. Mox would be a better choice for neutrilizing this monstrosity. The lowering of dice pools would be multiplied by the # of webbed powers. But the problem is even at half power that thing could bake pax. A better defense would be to Use a suit of mastered defensive powers and invulnerabilty twink death ray

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I expect more creativity from my ST and am usually not disappointed. Power is never a problem because he usually comes up with ways to make even the most powerful nova pale in certain situations.

Although I'm sure it works for your group, in my own such a carte blanche ruling on Mox, essentially making it Eclipsidol without the side effects, would come back to haunt him.


Magic is change...

Quantum is a measure of change...

You do the math.

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I just noticed something. With all those powers that you have when you make that attack web, you have no defensive powers. One sniper with a high powered rifle (HEAP ammunition, of course) would put a hole through you at a thousand yards, which is far out of your quantum range. Oops.


Welcome to Ohio. If you don't like the weather, wait twenty minutes.

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I guess it helps to not be bulletproof. Jager dodges (or attempts to, anyway) everything.

I have known enough folks who haven't. The paintballs don't work to well against a Force Fields, though.

My baseline bad guys use things like large rifles with AP ammunition. They use it now-a-days as anti-vechile munitions. A good sniper with a good scope.

Of course, all of that is pointless against Intuition.

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