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Trinity RPG - Divis Mal and Mercer


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I'm a Aberrant Fan and I don't know much about Trinity and I have some questions to ask you guys and gals.

1. I know that Divis Mal leads the Aberrants out into space, dose anyone know what happens to him later?

2. Does Maxwell Mercer from Adventure have any role in Trinity?


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Well, there is a 'story so far' section at the end of the Trinity softcover that speculates about Divis Mal's future.....

But only a bit - it kinda focusses on 'The Colony' - a 'rival of Divis Mal'.

As for Mercer. Its funny you should mention him. Until recently he has been 'in the background'. No active presence. Its been hinted at that he's still around, and led to rampant speculation on a variety of forums just what / how / wy he was still around etc.

In the latest release (Terra Verde) he is absolutely positively active, and so is someone else from the Adventure! RPG.

If you have Adventure!, check out the information regarding Max Mercer's powers - that explains a lot.

Also - I strongly (STRONGLY) recommend you check out Terra Verde - for $10 as an e-book its well worth it.

Also, you can check out a review (in case you want to double check before you buy) at EON, the address is http://www.chill.uk.net/europnet

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