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Aberrant: The Long March - Going Public: Project Steve. Project Lorean.


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TO: All

Date: March 10th, 1999

From: Steve

Situation: Two members of the group are expected to have increasing problems staying in the shadows as time and technology increase. My believed age will be 100 in 2002. Lorean will face increasing difficulty staying hidden as technology increases.

Suggested Counter Measures: I suggest Lorean and I go public.

RE: Project Steve

I transfer all assets to Amber, die, then she re-marries a "younger man". If all assets are held jointly, tax and control difficulties could be kept to a minimum. This would deal with the 'public age' issue for the next century.

RE: Project Lorean

I suggest a massive, private, ship with Warp capabilities be publicly constructed. At the end of the construction, "Lorean" would be able to function without needing to worry about cloaking and detection because she'd be a known ship.

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TO: Steve

CC: All

Date: March 11, 1999

From: Andrew

Subject: Coming Out.

Given your level of fame your wife is famous by association now. Anybody she would re-marry would be scrutinized by the public, unless you figured out how to change your appearance somebody will make the connection.

Unless you have a reason to stay "baseline", why not just erupt instead?


TO: Andrew

CC: All

Date: March 12, 1999

From: Steve.

Subject: RE: Coming Out.


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April 1st 1999: Top headline today in the five o'clock business news is the reported heart attack of Steve Courier. Owner of...

April 1st 1999: Top headline today in the eight o'clock news the reported eruption of Steve Courier. Emergency Medical Personal rushed to his home after he dialed 911 at 4:02 complaining of extreme chest pains. Reaching the scene, they found him only semi-conscious, but while they were examining him they observed him grow younger and healthier. Mr. Courier was taken to the New York Nova training facility. So far they have not released a comment about these events. Mrs Courier is out of the country and not available for comment at this time, but we do have a live interview with Russ Johnson, one of the EM personal who was present during...."

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