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Aberrant: Ba'alt - Re: Experiance awards...I need your help!!


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I recently posted exp awards in your sheet sections. IN doing so I fouind out that I have made some bookkeeping errors. MOst of the errors are topical and simply dots looking like question marks and none of you are thought to ahve lost actual dots in ratings.

I desperatly need all of you, especially the vets here, to go over the Aberrant sheet and check the levels there. Then I would love if you could copy the data off your sheet section and edit actual DOTS in (use zero's or the literal dots found in the extra character section of your processor) and then paste the edited version to your SHEET topic. I will then place it over the top of the old one I messed up.

I ask you this because I want to make sure you are all good with the sheet before we start adding exp on top of it. I dont want to go back later and ralize I messed something up. So please help me expediantly get this done so we can move on.

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