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Aberrant: Ba'alt - Re: Races and Peoples


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House Augustus-Hayes

aka; Haytyan (Hay-shun)

A very numerous people not decended from terra or earth that occupies such a vast amount of space that the sector is named for them. Known mortal enemies of House Rathien and the "bad-guys" who implanted the metavirus into the original peoples of earth. This was done to ultimately kill off ancestors of House Rathien, Carlisle, Devon, and Hapag-Lloyd. The last 5 years have been in a state of relative peace with Rathien since the last matriarch of Hayes has married the Lord of House Donorotellon, a strong ally of Rathein. Her sister took over and has honored the cease fire, for now.

The Haytyans are a race that operates on a close knit hive mind and depend on near perfect recall in racial memory; they all recall everything all of their ancestors have experianced. This leads to a a very skilled and technologically advanced species in general. Add the fact that 95% of the species are Operant telepaths who know very well hope to form a metaconcert (multiple telepaths acting together to cause a much greater and amplified effect). It is apparent that the hive mind can be shunted in the example of the last matriarch marrying a non-Haytyan. She has reportedly been cut out of the loop

Their main goal is destruction of all that oppose their growth and for the last 300+ years the only real resistance they met were in the faces of Rathiens; the cease fire is very uneasy at best.

Their Current Matriarch is named Sara Sinclair who is the sister of the past matriarch Ouira Sinclair-Donorotellon.

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