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Aberrant: 2011 - Wretched Season?

Emerald Panadero

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Wretched season? Trapped?


Those of us who went to the hospital (for example) got to spend some time with children who needed a little bit of joy, and received more than our fair share in return.

If someone spends the holidays in mindless self-indulgence and selfish pursuits, I can see why they might hate this time of year. It must be a very lonely, very empty feeling.

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Originally Posted By: MisterE
Pardon me while I muse over how much trouble a shit-faced shapeshifter could be ...

Chimera, I hope you aren't a mean drunk. That is if you can get drunk.

Don't worry E, I didn't do it so I could get drunk (which I think is pretty much impossible for most Novas, isn't it?) but so I could get into a few clubs to party.
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