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[Fiction] Santa's Secret Workshop - Boston

Lou Anne Burgess

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Tuesday December 19, 2017

“Thanks Marie, let me know if you hear that anything changes. Sure. Uh huh, bye.” Lou Anne hung up the phone and sighed. Marie’s news was not unexpected, there was no significant movement towards a real peace treaty that people at the Carter Center could see. That didn’t mean there wasn’t activity or progress, just nothing that the doctors and scientists could see. Lou Anne looked at the list and picked it up again. It was a thick batch of printed pages stapled together and showing signs of having been handled many, many times. The corners had all curled slightly; a coffee stain from an overly caffeinated woman who had tried to run her over in the Wal-mart in Austin, Texas a week ago decorated the current top page.

No peace agreement meant no end to the state of hostility. Which meant the embargo stayed in place, which meant that Christmas was gonna be slim pickings in the Lakota territories unless Santa could dodge anti aircraft fire and sidewinder missiles. That initial thought had motivated her call to Falling Star and begun the veritable orgy of shopping she had embarked on over the past few weeks. If Santa can’t get in, maybe he can keep the military busy while Mrs. Clause sneaks in.

Now she had gifts and cards and food spread over four houses in two states and while she knew she had enough wrapping paper, tape and tags stockpiled at the various sites, there just were not enough hours left before Sunday night for her to wrap it all even with help from her and Rachel’s families.

Maybe someone on the Op-site could help. She really didn’t know that many people to call. There hadn't been much activity since Wakinyan's assassination, but it was worth a try at least. Maybe there would be some people looking to share some holiday cheer with no way to do so otherwise. She reached for the terminal’s keyboard and logged onto N!Prime.

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Nearly three days of present wrapping later...

(December 22, 2017)

Presents for a full four hundred families were done. Wrapped, bows applied, tags filled out. She momentarily envied the Marine Corps and other agencies around the country that managed to make this look so easy. It's a lesson for me to be better prepared if I try something like this again sometime. The committee style however that those organizations used to such advantage was something that didn't feel appropriate for what she was doing.

Lou Anne had received four responses so far from her request for help on the Op-site. Considering that two of them would essentially double the amount of people working on the project, Lou Anne had hope that they could meet the deadline and get everything done in time.

The clock ticked down to when people were supposed to start arriving and Lou Anne continued wrapping presents at the frantic rate she had been for the past few days. Food was purchased and put away or prepared, drinks were chilled and everything was ready for company to arrive.

I hope everything goes well.

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Five Minutes Ago

"Excuse me, Santa?"

Ron looked around, frowning. The voice hadn't come from anyone he could see on the street, but he knew he'd heard it. He worried, thinking he was cracking up, and readjusted his Santa beard and continued ringing the bell.

It was quiet now, most everyone inside shopping, but still he kept at it, ringing the bell for the Salvation Army. His arm was beginning to get tired. He found himself daydreaming, wishing that something noteworthy would happen.

There was a polite cough from above. "Sorry. Santa? Don't mean to interrupt but - "

Ron didn't hear the rest - or he did hear, but he didn't listen, because an angel floated down from above, clad in white and black and blue, with long blonde hair and perfect blue eyes and a body that made him think inappropriate thoughts for his uniform.


"Hi. Sorry! Listen, you walk around here a lot, right? I'm kind of lost. Can you tell me how to get somewhere?"

"Uh." The initial fog faded. Ron realized he recognized this girl - 'Knockout,' from Canada, the one who was supposed to be a guy. The way she filled her eufiber tights, Ron decided he must have misheard it. "Uh. Address. Uh. What's the, er...?"

"Oh, sorry!" Knockout brought out the slip of paper she'd hastily written the address down on. Ron looked at it closely, or tried to, feeling his gaze drawn back to the stunning beauty before him.

Knockout tried not to let her frustration show, as Ron slowly focused on the task at hand. "Oh, you're, uh, close. Just three blocks down, take a left at the big fiberglass reindeer poop and go two blocks and you're there."

"Fantastic. Thanks so much!" Knockout waved as she took off.

* * *

Knockout rang Lou Anne's door buzzer, and stood on the step, waiting.

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Long had taken the scenic route. He'd teleported over to Boston, but instead of just appearing on Lou Anne's doorstep in a flash of cerulean light he decided a more normal entrance would be better received.

He lit down on the pavement even as his body painfully contorted into his near-man form. He still posessed the black striping and solid blue eyes and tiger's tail, but He appeared as would any other normal looking six foot six Japanese man. He pulled back his long raven hair into a simple ponytail and let it fall down his back. His Eufiber came to take the form of simple khaki slacks and a Christmas-themed Sweat shirt. He walked the rest of the way to Lou Anne's home.

In his hand was a knapsack with today's fare in a secure box, a dozen pufferfish to feed his own dangerous nescessity.

He saw that someone was already waiting in front of the house and so he carefully made his way up to the house. He could tell it was a woman and he smiled.

"It would seem Lou Anne's call for aid at Christmastime was heard and well-received on the site."

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The front door opened to reveal – Mrs. Clause, albeit one with red hair rather than white peaking from beneath the red velvet bonnet. She looked at Knockout for a long moment before smiling and speaking. “Ah good afternoon Miss Waters, I’m Lou Anne, I’m glad you could make it.” Her attention flicked to a point behind Knockout she smiled, though a bit hesitantly. “Am I correct in assuming that you are Long? If so, please come in as well.”

She opened the door fully and stepped to the side to allow them entrance. “I didn’t take the opportunity to ask in the email, how do you prefer to be addressed, Danielle, Knockout or something else?” She greeted both guests and took them in to meet the parts of the family that were here.

She motioned to two older women. This is my mom, Martha Burgess and Rachel’s mom, Gloria Brenford. Rachel’s Dad and her brothers Alex and David are upstairs right now getting the next wave of gifts ready. Over there is the kitchen, Rachel, my sister Patty and her sister ‘Moth’ are getting things together to take down to Delaware shortly to work on things there.

A very long table was setup with tape dispensers, rolls of paper, scissors and other necessities of wrapping gifts. Somewhat out of place, at one of the places lay two disposable scalpels rather than scissors. On a side server sat ice and a variety of refreshments along with two coffee pots, one serving coffee, the other providing hot water for tea. The introductions done, Lou Anne took the seat with the scalpels as the tape and other materials rose up into the air as if in a Disney film; ready to help in wrapping the gifts.

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About eight minutes after 'five minutes ago'...

Despite the chilly Massachusetts temperature Contessa flew like a kid enjoying the winter wonderland. Tightly wrapped in a winter coat with the entire trimming done in festive white cotton 'fluff' like Santa's suit. She drifted from side to side, arms outstretched like a plane, riding the currents of air as she hummed a Christmas carol to herself. It was like she was back home on Michigan; snow as far as the eye can see.

It barely bothered her. She loved playing in the snow and the world from above during the winter season was nothing short of breathtaking. She smiled, she couldn’t help but doing that every few seconds or so, the world was beautiful and she was off to do something good for people who were less fortunate than herself. How could one not smile knowing that they were about play a part in bringing joy to another’s life?

The breath of Jack Frost eased his caress on her and she drifted down slowly, the blue luminance of her eyes faded. The heels of her boots crunched the salt that lay scattered about the sidewalks and street. From out of the pocket on her coat she pulled a cute little hat, like the kind Santa’s elves were rumored to wear (she had no proof mind you, those elves are hard to catch!). Although she had forgone the entire elf costume she decided that in the spirit of Christmas, and under the circumstances of her job description, that an elf hat was a must.

With a smile she put it on and adjusted it as she walked up to the front door, thanking Google Earth silently for the satellite views. She hopped the last step of the porch, rang the doorbell and patiently waited.

This. Was. Going. To. Be. Great!

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The front door again opened revealing to the neighbors and the visitor that Mrs. Clause was hiding in Boston while the crew at the North Pole was busy with other pursuits. "Hello, you must be Contessa, come in. Thank you for coming, you didn't have any trouble finding the house did you?" Lou Anne stood to the side so Contessa could enter.

Once inside, Lou Anne made introductions to her family and to the two previous arrivals. "We have refreshments over on the side, and if we need to we can put some more leaves in the table and expand it even longer. I think they said you could seat twenty eight at this table if it's fully extended."

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The Dakota snow was still fresh on him when he arrived at his cousin's house in Cambridge. The O'Neil's were already gathering for the yearly Christmas conclave and this was just the kind of detour they would appreciate. They already knew were Neil was and what he was doing, and many were proud, if not inspired, by his independant spirit.

They had come together, Conna and Dugal, Alexa and Denise, and Sammantha, whose home they were gathering at. Sam was the Crusader's spouse. She was anxious to meet more novas. She already knew Lou Anne in passing, as well as most of the other novas in NE.

"Hot babes?" Conna said, nudging Neil as they walked to the Jeep.

"Well, I only know them by reputation, but I image they are rather attractive."

"One - that Knockout - used to be a guy."

Conna chuckled. "You say that like its a bad thing!"

The two kinsman bantered back and forth, leaving Neil with his thoughts.

It would be nice to see some joy in the Lakota community. It would be good to know the children had some distractions in their lives. Even though some of the Indian spiritual purists would grumble, what mattered was the children and the wounds Neil couldn't heal.

Samantha led the way, carrying Neil and Denise. Alex drove her sports coupe and Conna drove other Jeep bringing up the tail. They didn't quite speed through the streets, but Sam definitely drove like a cop. Conna and Dugal were hard pressed to keep up. Soon enough they pulled up in front of Dr. Burgess's address and piled out. Neil took the lead and knocked on the door, while the two guys craned around him to get a look at who was already there.

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Gingerly Contessa entered Mrs. Clause's home, the teeny bell on her elf hat jingling as she leaned in and gave her host a friendly hug. "It's a pleasure to meet you Dr. Burgess. Thanks again for the invitation to help."

She entered and looked around, unzipping her coat as she looked around for a place to set it. "Your home is lovely Doctor."

She didn't think about there being men, or male novas present since on the site only her and 'Knockout' answered the request publicly. As a result she opted for more feminine attire instead of her typical baggy 'guy clothes' that kept the gawkers away. Simple denim jeans that were way to tight to be considered comfortable (to an observer anyway), and a Christmas red sweater. Not factoring in Dr. Burgess would have Long, Neil, and her own family being there the neck line was certainly low enough to collect more than a casual glare in the mega-beautiful woman’s direction.

Her coat folded neatly over her arm Contessa asked Mrs. Clause. “So, where would ya like me boss? Hoodlum Elf Contessa Danae reporting for duty!” Her smile was wide, happy, and as white as a fresh snowfall. She saluted Mrs. Clause in a near military fashion.

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Long smiled at the warm welcome and walked inside out of the cold. He patiently waited through the introductions to everyone and smiled in what he hoped was seen as a warm gesture. Of course his elongated canines did lend a certain menace to his smile, but it was eay to see that his smile was genuine.

He nodded to Lou Anne. You have a wonderful home here. It is very kind of you to be doing this..." He turns to her family, "All of you. It certainly brightens my holiday season."

He smiled to Knockout. It's a pleasure to meet you in person, it's so good to see other novas willing to help out the less fortunate."

When Contessa arrives he can't help but chuckle. The mock military formalness coupled with her infectious cheerfulness couldn't help but make him smile. She was still as beautiful as she'd been when he first saw her some time ago, and she remained one of only a few people who'd rebuked him and not been casually dismissed over some of his choices.

His head snapped around to the door when he heard the buzzer and he felt yet another node in attendance. "It seems this is going to be one very, very productive endeavor."

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Knockout is warm towards Lou Anne when first entering. "Just call me Danielle. It's easier, I find."

Knockout is stunned by the arrival of Long. She goggles at him when they first meet. Jumping Jellyfish, he's big. Geez. He's freaking me out. Wasn't his fur orange before? Well, maybe he dyed it. "H-hi there." She smiles as best as she can.

Knockout is just about floored, however, by the arrival of Contessa. Oh sweet Jesus, she's gorgeous! Gluh. Think clean thoughts, Danielle. She's probably not your type. Or rather you're probably not hers. Still. Whoo damn. Temptation to use penetrating vision... high...

Knockout tears her eyes away from Contessa and greets Neil as he comes in. "Hi. Geez, there's a lot of us. Uh, I just got here, there's all that to work on..." She waves towards the table. "I didn't get to start on it yet. Uh, how much - how many do we need to wrap up?"

Dammit. I'm nervous. I promised myself I'd get out of the house a bit more, but... I'm nervous as hell.

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Neil hustled his clan mates into the warm house quick step. They began stripping off their coats and looking around. Conna didn't waste a moment, but angled straight for Knockout.

"Hey! You're HOT! I'm Conna. I build boats. Wanna find some mistletoe?"

Neil wanted to hit him. Dugal did, right in the shoulder.

"Sorry Miss. My cousin here is soft in the head."

Conna hit Dugal back.

"Am not! You never get anywhere if you don't ask."

Neil intervened before there was bloody carnage.

"Hi. I'm Neil Preston. Its good to finally meet you."

Neil was dressed in worn jeans and a buckskin shirt. The shirt was handmade, with intricate designs over the heart and on the back.

Alexa meanwhile had seen someone of greater interest to her.

"Hello there. I'm Alexa Lykandos and I'm one of the O'Neil clan," she said to Countessa. "You are a journalist, right? I think that's fantastic."

Her mannerisms were somewhat subdued next to the nova beauty. Her features were very Greek, not Irish, and her hair was thick, wavy and long. Her eyes were intelligent and bright though.

Samantha sought out Lou Anne, who she knew.

"Hey Lou. This is Denise Buchanan, another volunteer."

Lou Anne knew Sam as Crusader's wife and they had crossed paths at various NE functions enough to know each other by sight, if nto exactly as friends.

"Denise is a Vet and was wondering ..."

"Wondering," Denise jumped in, "if it would be possible to donate a dozen puppies and kittens to the cause. If its possible to get them to the Lakota safely."

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Long smiled as Neil and his family entered. If nothing else he counted Neil as a trusted friend. When Denise mentioned the kittens and puppies he smiled. "I don't think that's going to be an issue at all."

He walks over to Neil and smiles. "It's good to see you again my friend. Sakurako's been asking about you, and I know you spend Christmas with your family, but she did ask to me to invite you over to ring in the new year."

He looks over to Lou Anne and quietly asks "Is there someplace relatively safe and out of the way I can store my bag? It contains certain things that I require to maintain this form, but if ingested, they are quite harmful to most everyone else." His voice was a tiny whisper, as he didn't wish to alarm anyone.

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Tess knew nobody, but was rather quick to put her node to work. Her hyper intelligence quickly began categorizing the packages by weight and size, which would be easy to wrap and which ones would take longer. With just a few moments and some quick math in her head Contessa decided which packages she'd start with.

Poor, Knockout. she thought silently, smiling and waving at her she walked around looking for a place to begin. She's breath taking. She probably has the same problems I do, with guys an all. Correct that... not the same: she probably gets a guy ever now and then. Way to go Tess, remind yourself you're hopless... She tried not to stare, but when her thoughts were permitted to run free an occasional look in Knockout's direction was obvious. Stop lookin' Tessa, she's going to think we're checking her out.

Having never seen Long in any form but ‘Raging-Death-Machine’ she had no idea it was her rescuer from so long ago. She hadn’t seen him since then, but certainly knew that his life had been about as pleasant as hers lately. With her jacket still folded over her crossed arms she only smiled nervously at him sliding her jacket a bit higher to cover any of her exposed cleavage. Ugh, shoulda worn the turtle neck… the nova beauty whined to herself.

Paper crumpled and tape was pulled taught sealing packages within for the Christmas tradition of tearing them back open. Man, she loved this time year, and it didn’t take her long to get to work. She figured she’d wait for Lou Anne to give some more direction as to how she wanted things done before breaking out her army of hoodlum elves. There still plenty to do, and if these needed wrapped then by golly the Lakota kids were going to have em’ wrapped! There was nothing that compared to the joy and fun that came with Christmas time, except maybe fragging n00bs in Halo 6, which reminded her that she still needed practice with the sniper rifle.

"Hello there." Contessa heard from her off to her right, startling the blonde nova slightly. "I'm Alexa Lykandos and I'm one of the O'Neil clan, you are a journalist, right? I think that's fantastic."

Perplexed for a moment Contessa faked familiarity. Who are you... and how do you know me and what I do? she thought as she extended her hand. "Hi! Yes, well, kind of... I'm the Layout Designer. I'm trying to get my big story that will get me into actual journalism but I keep screwing it up." Her smile was cheerful enough but she hated not being an actual journalist. "I'm Contessa, Contessa Dane," still a bit confused as to how this woman knew whom she was Tessa followed up. "H-have we met before?"

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Lou Anne returned Contessa’s salute, “no need for such formality, this isn’t the official workshop Elf Danae.” She couldn’t quite subdue the smile that crept out. “I think that’ll depend most on what you can do and feel most comfortable with. We’ll need help wrapping gifts, but also bringing things in to be wrapped and taking away things that have been wrapped so we can move them to different locations. We can figure all that out once everyone gets settled and I get back from the run to Delaware.”

“Neil, everyone, good to see you.” She bristled a bit with Conna’s rather loutish conversational gambit. She figured she would let Neil handle it unless it became a real problem, but she made a gambit of her own. “The druids I'm afraid came through last night and claimed all the Mistletoe for the Solstice celebration." She gave him a wry smile but the humor in her voice while still there was perhaps a bit lessened.

She turned her attention to Samantha with her voice finding its previous cheer. “Hi Sam, and it’s a pleasure to meet you Denise.” She listened to the request. “Long’s right, it won’t be a problem to transport them we’ll just have to make sure that they’re kept warm and move them accordingly. But, let me check the list first to see if anyone requested pets.” She turned and picked up her oft-handled list even as her mind reviewed the contents of the list she knew so well.

Lou Anne nodded imperceptibly to Long’s question as her eyes moved over the list. “Denise, I’m going to check the list and make a call to find out about the animals. I’ll let you know when I know.” She started from the room and motioned subtly for Long to follow her.

She lead him through the door to her office. It had been closed, she spoke quietly. “Would a lock box work? Sometimes my patients have felt better if they know their things are kept securely.” She motioned to a large secure storage box easily big enough to hold the bag. “Or since you mentioned consumption, do you need refrigeration or something else?”

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"Sorry to inconvenices you like this. There's always a tradeoff to assuming this form. I did my best to make it something that while harful it didn't pose any risk to anyone who didn't eat it."

He smiles. "They're in a hot cold bag so they'll be fine for the six hours I have before I have to eat them." He withdraws a hot/cold bag and smiles."

He chuckles. "Don't worry it's nothing illegal, just some raw pufferfish. Lethal to everyone else, but nescessarry to me."

He puts the bag in the lock box and waits for her to close it. "So tell me what you need me to do. I can help wrap presents or deliver them. If you need it, I can probably find us a nice dry place to store all the gifts that are likely to be wrapped today."

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"Gotcha!" Contessa said as bubbly as ever, taking a short break from her conversation with Alexa. "We need wrappers, carriers, and haulers. Piece of cake!"

She turned and face Alexa. "Could you excuse me for one second? I have to spawn a clone army." Dismissing herself politely, the perky nova found an area that was relatively Christmas clutter free.

Each nova present felt the tug of ambient quantum energies. Simple motes of golden glitter sparkled around where stood. She was rigid, her body tensed and her fists clenched tightly at her side showing that she was concentrating as hard as she could. Slowly the golden glitter gathered into a single place off to Contessa's side. Again and again this happened until ten glittery golden motes hovered along side her, five to her left, five to her right. Each of the hovering motes expanded into a star like shape growing outward further and further until finally they each flashed in unison, similar to a camera flash.

When the glare died down eleven Contessas was present, five on either side of their creator, each identical down the clothing and each sporting that infectious smile of holiday cheer.

"Okay ladies," Tess started, her voice quivering slightly as the strain of ten clones reared its ugly head. "You three do the wrapping, you three do the hauling, and you three do the carrying." She pointed at the tenth and last clone. "You'll help me out, with..." she caught herself. All the duties were assigned. "With, well, whatever!" The bounce in her voice and step (and to the present males, everything else) was beginning to return and each ‘team’ of hoodlum elves broke out to handle their chores.

Contessa, no forgetting she was speaking with Alexa a moment ago returned to where she had been standing, pulling her hair back in a ponytail as she arrived. “Sorry bout’ that. Where were we?”

Originally Posted By: Clearing Up Power Stuff
The Clonetessa’s are really not there for interaction unless you feel it’s necessary. For the most part they will do as Lou Anne or anyone else asks them to (within reason) since they are, like Contessa herself, there to help and make the Lakota children happy.

Contessa can easily be found amongst all her clones, since she put her hair up in a ponytail and the clones keep theirs down, she's found this helps get rid of confusion. The clones will last until no longer needed and my travel through warp gates or be teleported.

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Lou Anne takes a key from her desk and locks the box then hands the key to Long. "Just give it back when you're ready to leave. As far as transport, I'm going to take everything at once, I told Falling Star the size of the tent that I'm going to port in and she's arranged a clear space for everything to go. She also has helpers to get everything distributed, that way no one on the receiving end has to be uncomfortable with receiving anything from someone that they may consider if not an enemy, at least a member of a technically hostile state."

Lou Anne motioned for Long to preceed her and she walked in a minute later. "Okay everyone. So that we all are on the same page. Denise, there are requests for 3 kittens and 2 puppies. I don't want to risk causing problems for animals that might not be requested though, so it's probably better to err on the side of caution and only send those if that's okay."

Addressing everyone she continued. "Now, for the reason I asked for volunteers. So far we've wrapped gifts for about seven hundred familes, these all have children. We have approximately sixteen hundred more families to wrap gifts for. Once that's done, we'll have about eight thousand much smaller families to wrap gifts for."

She smiles. "Before anyone passes out, I'm not even hoping to get all of those done today. If we can get the ones for the families with children done, I will consider it a success. The gifts for the non-children families don't have to be done as extravagently, but I still want them to enjoy the holiday."

"We've got gifts to be wrapped in Delaware and one other house here in Boston. We'll be moving wrapped presents to another house in Boston, and then if all goes well, to Delaware. If there's anyone determined to see this through to the end, and it's not necessary by any means, once everything's wrapped we're going to move it into a large tent which we'll have constructed in my in-laws' back yard and from there, it's going to South Dakota."

Lou Anne takes a deep breath now that she's finished her marathon speech. Mrs. Brenford pipes up, "and we'll remind you how much effort it was if you get an idea like this for next year without having everything thought of ahead of time."

Lou Anne gave a slightly embarrassed smile.

"So again, thank you to everyone that came out. Please remember the golden rule here is, if it's no longer fun, you're done."

Lou Anne pressed play on a CD player and started soft Christmas music playing.

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While Countessa works her magic, Neil works tricks of his own. He taps each of the package-wrappers that he brought with them and lets some of his energy pour into them. Immediately, they perk up and seem overflowing with energy.

Originally Posted By: Quick Explaination
A boost to nova levels to stamina and dexterity to last for the next few hours.

Neil gets to Alexa about the same time as Countessa gets back.

"Wow, I imagine I feel as perky as one of Ms. Dane's Christmas Helpers!"

Replying belatedly to Countessa.

"We haven't met. I just live around so many novas that I kind of catch this and that. I didn't mean to freak you out. I just like to know what my cousins are up to and that leads me into reading up on other novas. I'm afraid I don't know much about you. For instance, I had no idea you could create so many duplicates of yourself. That's pretty neat."

Feeling a bit embarrassed by all this.

"I came here to help. Sorry if I've been a bother."

Neil pulls Lou Anne aside for a moment.

"I have to leave around eleven. I have to go back on duty. My cousins have begged on for the duration, though this seems like a lot."

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Lou Anne replies quietly to Neil. "If you only have a few hours off, are you sure you don't want to spend some time for yourself? I'll understand, I think everyone will. If your family wants to work through that's fine, but again, only if they are still having fun."

Looking to see that no one needed her attention yet, Lou Anne returned to her place and resumed her wrapping, keeping her eyes up to make sure she could look towards anyone that spoke.

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Contessa, although paying attention, was busy gathering bows and paper. She stayed in motion completely dedicated to the task she volunteered for.

"We haven't met.” Alexa said politely, doing her best to assist Conteesa with the organization of the items. “I just live around so many novas that I kind of catch this and that. I didn't mean to freak you out. I just like to know what my cousins are up to and that leads me into reading up on other novas. I'm afraid I don't know much about you. For instance, I had no idea you could create so many duplicates of yourself. That's pretty neat."

Tess giggled cheerfully, “Oh, it’s the bomb, lemme tell ya! That many is extremely difficult, normally I make two or three or so, but considering it’s for a good cause I pushed myself harder than I would normally.” Her rosy cheeks, reminiscent of good ol’ St. Nick, never lost their smile. “I didn’t mean to come across a rude, and I hope I wasn’t, but I just don’t get much of the nova spotlight so for someone, anyone, to know anything about me or what I do, quantum or personal, is a bit of a shock.”

Contessa moved around Alexa for about the eighth time, her nova stamina mixed with a reserve of bubbly energy that no scientist could explain, put Alexa a bit on her heels. The human woman, try as she might just could not keep up. "I came here to help. Sorry if I've been a bother."

“Oh, no, no!” The blonde goddess, suddenly realizing that she was doing too much at once for the normal woman to keep up. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry, it’s not your fault, really, I like talking with people, any people, your not a bother, honest.” She slid a huge box of bows and tags to Alexa. “Here, we’ll sort these while the Hoodlum Elves, Local 158 finish arranging the gifts. I’ll sort the tags…”

Filled with holiday mirth Contessa and her gang of Hoodlum Elves (local 158) were undaunted by the prospect of eight thousand unwrapped presents. Some coasted slightly above the floor whisking presents from here to there and back to here. When paper ran out they just simply concentrated for a few seconds and roll after roll literally appeared from nowhere, created by the ambient quantum charged particles around the room. All in all Lou Anne’s house has literally become a Santa’s Workshop. Contessa was tireless, she could summon numerous workers, and she could create her own wrapping paper and tape!

The collected novas knew that if she ever turned up missing that the North Pole should be the first place they should search.

Originally Posted By: Matter Creation, Contessa Style
Contessa’s Matter Creation possesses the ‘permanent’ strength providing that what she creates is non-mechanical, non-precious (gold, diamonds, silver), or non-consumable (foods, drinks) and falls under a purchase that could be resources one or lower.

Thus she may create wrapping paper and tape easily, maybe even a stuffed toy but not action figures (mechanical; moving parts), even though it falls under a resources one purchase. Anything created outside those parameters falls under the normal five hour duration.

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Long smiles and gets to work. conssidering the nature of the materials, he doesn't go at full speed, but he does make very good time. As opposed to scissors, he uses one of the claws on his left hand. He quickly lost himself in his work and soon he ammassed a nice pile of wrapped gifts in about thirty minutes.

Each gift is immacculately wrapped, in almost the same exact technique. However, each of the bows is tied differently. It wasn't overly creative, but he knew they had a good deal of work left, for him this was just a warm-up.

"You know with the amount of gifrt wrapping I've already done this year, you think I'd be a bit more used to it." It was said in an idle moment between wrappings as he retrieved a new roll of both tape and paper.

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