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[OpNet] Santa's Workshop (Boston Annex) needs help!

Lou Anne Burgess

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Hi everyone. I've slightly [sic] overextended myself with what you might call a charitable project that I am involved in. After several weeks of buying presents and food, I realize that there's no way I'm going to be able to get every present wrapped in time to make delivery for Santa to get them on his sleigh.

If anyone wants to help with wrapping and sorting presents and such, please PM me so that I can get you more information and you can decide whether you want to be a part of it. We can work out more of when/where et cetera later. I can say that if you have no way to get to Boston, I can provide transportation.

Regardless of anyone contacting me to help, I hope everyone as a safe and festive Christmas (or appropriate holiday).


Dr. LouAnne Burgess

Currently aka Mrs. Clause

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shocked Oh noes! Sounds like you need Contessa Power! Super Tessa Clone Power activate! grin

Hee Hee. We'd (all ten of us) would be happy to help you out! We can knockout a deadline (and holiday house work) in no time. wink

We'll have this Holiday wrapped up and in the bag! laugh

~Contessa Jane

Currently aka X-Mas Elf Brigade! smile

P.S. Do I need to bring an elf costume?

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