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Aberrant: Dead Rising - Any Zombie Love Out There?


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Just what it sounds like. I am interested in starting a zombie apocalypse type game using Aberrant rules and wanna see if anyone else is.

The players could be either novas or baselines, depending on what you guys want. If novas, I would not allow more than one dot in a power or mega-stat and only 20 nova points at character creation; surviving a zombie apocalypse has to be a challenge, doesn't it?

Also, if we're going with novas, there will be no Mal, no Pax...few novas other than yourselves. No Project Utopia, no Directive, no Teragen, none of that.

So what do you think?

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Over at Eon we started (but did not get far with before the STs bailed) a post apocalyptic zombie game using Adventure rules...very cool stuff.

Questions: What are the zombies like? Slow and stupid? Violently fast and filled with rage? Will they be super powered nova-zombies a la Marvels recent Zombie Earth series?

I may be interested pending more info, although it really depends on if I can come up with a PC I would really enjoy and to be perfectly honest every game I joined as of late has been 30 NP or below. Ive been itching to try some higher powered fare.

And yes I know 2017 is anything goes but that's a shared fic more than a TT style game and when I say higher powered I dont mean "no limits beyond approval for Q6"...I like limits just higher set ones, that apply to everyone equally..

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Well, a higher-powered game doesn't really make sense in this case unless I make the zombies super-powered too....which there is no way in Hell I will do without a gun to me head. And I know nothing of Marvel's Zombie Earth series.

As to the zombies themselves, they'll be the slow, stupid type, with the stereotypical hydrophobia thing. Infection occurs through any sharing of body fluids. This includes sexual fluids, spittle, blood, snot, tears, sweat, etc. Anyone alive during the beginning of the game, after the infection has set in, is probably immune. If you really want to for some reason, I suppose I could make non-immunity a Flaw. Pretty hefty Flaw, though.

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ug...that sounds kind of harsh in text. stupid internet. What I was getting at is that zombie games can get sort of...repetetive after awhile, at least it feels that way to me in a roleplaying format and especially as a nova. Its one thing to play Rsident Evil all survival horror style with limited ammo and on the run. Its another thing to have super powers. And yes I realize that one does have to watch q points but its not hard for me to come up with a nova even with 20 NPs and a bunch of one dots that could deal handily with zombies...

...so what came out sounding sort of...flippant really means.."what else have you got in mind for the stories and challenges and such?" "What do you want to explore with this game?"

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Overload: First, the theme is not one of "survivor horror", but of rebuilding a fucked up world. That being said, there are a few antagonists that are part and parcel of any zombie apocalypse.

First you have your survivalists, the crazy rural dudes in camo. They're well-armed, paranoid, and probably more than a little ruthless.

There are several cults, one of which is almost like a zombie-oriented Church of Michael Archangel.

Then there's the other novas - you guys won't be completely alone in the world with nobody but zombies and zips for company. The novas vary wildly in personality and goals, of course.

Finally, there are several totalitarian states and ruthless military groups scattered about. The military could be your greatest ally or most dangerous antagonist, depending on who has control of it.

And when I decided that the zombies would be slow, shambling and hydrophobic as opposed to quick, super-strong and filled with rage, I was thinking of running a baseline-only game. If you guys are settled on nova characters, I guess I could find it within myself to soup up the opposition a bit...only down point is that it decreases the number of baselines who could successfully weather the apocalypse.

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Character creation:

20 Nova points. Regular number of bonus points, starting Willpower, etc.

No Quantum Power or Mega-Attribute over 1 at character creation. Later in the game as you gain Experience is fine.

No Quantum 6 at character creation....duh. And no Taint over 5 either, but both these can increase in-game (Quantum only to 6). Keep in mind the lack of a Teragen or Chrysalis.

Upon gaining Quantum 6, you may not take the "Mastery" extra or Level 4 powers - Q-6 isn't that great anymore. Everything else is unrestricted.

No Eufiber. Sorry.

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Setting: It's pretty much what you know. N-Day hasn't really occured as such, but as the zombies spread throughout the globe a few people, well under a hundred, began erupting.*

It's 2007 in Oklahoma of the United States, which is no longer united or....er, stately. In fact, the U.S. Government doesn't really exist in any form at all. There are a few solitary branches, either totalitarian, idealistic, or simply rather ruthless, but their influence is purely local. There is a military, but it is mostly renegade or highly corrupt and answering to one charismatic chieftan. A few still serve the aforementioned remnants of the United States government, but they are few and far between.

We start in Oklahoma, whichever part you would prefer. *I* would prefer that at least a few character backgrounds be connected, but a wanderer who falls in with the group or whatever is okay too.

Zombies are slow and shambling, and about as physically strong as they were in life. However, they are extremely durable and can survive great bodily trauma, the only exception being extensive damage to the head or near-complete incineration, which will send them to their "final death". Their sense are especially keen (excepting the sense of touch, which they lack); each zombie has Perception 5. They also possess the innate abilities to navigate in the dark and sense human flesh. Also, disregard the hydrophobia. Zombies have no problems with water.

Zombies are unaffected by Animal Mastery, Mirage, Telepathy, Emotion Manipulation, Biomanipulation, or Shapeshift with the Extra "Affect Other". Holo works normally but will have little practical use; the zombie will simply ignore everything except the...sense, of human flesh.

*Note: Novas are immune to the zombie-causing "virus".

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Backing will be more limited given the post-apocalyptic nature of the game. Being backed by the remnants of the military will be most common, but at low levels I could see a local government or whatever.

Cipher will be rather...superfluous, but feel free to take it if you want.

Influence - see "Backing"

Node's the same.

Followers are the same, and given the apocalypse and the small number of novas, it has strong possibilities.

For Resources, think the quality of your ride, the gas mileage, gas itself, gold and jewels, ammo, medical supplies etc.

Contacts is the same.

Attunement is the same.

Dormancy is the same.

Mentor restricted to 1.

Allies 1.

No Eufiber.

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It's been six months since the zombie "plague" really began to spring up, and everyone's become more or less - often less - organized. Pretty much all governments have collapsed, except maybe some isolated Polynesian tribes or whatever, but small communities of survivors have sprung up. Not in the cities - those are awash with zombies - but maybe a few miles from 'em, outside the burbs in the backwoods and small towns.

City-raiding is also a profitable enterprise.

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