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[Character] Automate


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Name:Adélaïde Bernadette

Nomme de Nova: Automate


Eruption Date: 11/10/01

Strength: car-lifting level. Clearly beyond baseline norm.

Powers: Manipulation of time, entropy, pretercognition, regeneration.

Other: Enhanced senses, borderline nova-level appearance, enhanced intellect, especially when manufacturing clockwork devices.

History: Automate was born in Paris, France, and spent her childhood up to the age of 11 there, at which point her family moved to England. She quickly developed a fascination with time, clockwork and the slightly tangential subject of "weird science", which she attempted - and failed - to make a career out of. Then came her eruption, and suddenly she was her fascination. She became a bronze-covered clockwork woman, complete with a fully functional reproductive system. Needless to say, it came as something of a shock.

Adélaïde quickly discovered her various other abilities, including a talent for creating EXTREMELY well-made (non-quantum) clockwork devices, off of which she now makes a living. Rich old people have the strangest desires...

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