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Aberrant RPG - Hit Locations


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I've developed a hit location, and i was wondering if any of you guys and gals had put one into your games. I would like to hear what your doing for yours and your opinons on using them in games....

I think they do slow them down a bit, but the players can really visulize the hits a lot better.

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I personally avoid hit location systems if at all possible, especially for a system such as the ST. I generally describe the location hit based upon the type of attack and the amount of damage rolled. For example, if you roll +5 successes on your attack (and are thus inflicting +5 dice of damage), then I feel safe in assigning such an attack to the head or torso. Yes, hit location systems do help in visualization, but I prefer to handle that with narrative, rather than dice.

Just my method.

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Hit locations are a tricky thing. I have played games where theya re beneficial and a lot of fun, where they are an indispensible part of the combat system. (Blue Planet, 1st Edition) However, there are games where it can be too much. (Rolemaster, anyone?) For Aberrent I'd say leave it be. Combat is supposed to be (relatively) fast and furious. The use of some powers already drags it down somewhat. Just my opinion though.

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Yeah, I agree with you guys that hit locations can slow thigns down, This is how I made up mine.

roll Location Damage Mod

1 Foot -1 dice to damage

2 leg no mod

3 groin +4 damage

4 stomic +1 damage

5 Chest no mod

6 Chest no mod

7 Arm no mod

8 Hand -1 Damage

9 Head +3 Damage

10 Eye +4 Damage

(The damage effects I took from the Aberrant main book in the calling shot section, besides the stomic which i made up.)

If someone takes alot of damage to an area in one shoot, i make up differnt effects that might hinder the character, like difficulties to move, attack..ect.

It has worked really good in my game so far and doesn't slow down things to much and there really isn't anything in a game as cool as a bunch of players saying at that same time saying "ohhhhhhh" in pain when they blast someone in the groin.

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