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[OpNet] State of the Lakota Situation


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For those wondering, here is where things currently stand with the situation in the Lakota Nation.

As you probably know, the truce that went into effect a month ago has, by and large, held. As you may not know, it's been anything but perfect or easy to hold that truce together.

There are many of my people who believe with all their hearts that the attack on Wakinyan was backed by the government of the United States in an effort to ruin the recent strides that we have made. I have done my best to bring calm and peace to the situation, but my efforts have fallen short, and there have been a handful of actions taken in violation of the truce by some of the more vengeful warriors - including, at one point, taking a hostage to remove soldiers from a forward observation post.

The actions of the National Guard have also been less than perfect. Most of the soldiers have acted with honor, but some few have not. There has been at least one instance of attempted rape and a handful of looting that have been traced back to men wearing the uniform of the U.S. Army.

Negotiations are on-going between my people and the U.S. government, with former President Carter helping each talk to the other. But the longer these negotiations drag on, the more likely that actions by truce-breakers - on both sides - will bring about more bloodshed.

That brings me to why I am posting here. Some among you are well respected by both sides. I am asking you to consider coming here to help monitor the truce until the chiefs and diplomats can finish their work and make a true peace. In particular, I ask that Stormwarden, Sean McCline, Tekkeitsertok, and Sandcaster consider helping. I do understand that it is a lot to ask of you, but I am hopeful that you will consider it a worthy task.

- Ptehehincalasanwin

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I would love to come and help. Unfortunately, a certain white-supremacist nova bastard has been taking advantage of the situation here in Idaho, stirring up all kinds of trouble between his followers and our local Native American community. I'm probably going to have to stay here to continue trying to keep the peace.

My apologies,


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My work requires undering stress factors and how people can react under that stress. So when I say that gathering people with emotional attachments to things other than seeing a goal achieved may not be a good way to get things done its from that view.

That's it. Sorry, but I don't have any deep wisdom to add. Other than maybe you should step this along while the government still believes there's something to be gained. When they realize there isn't, not even Thomas Jefferson is going to be able to pull a miracle out of this. Tempests and teacups.

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