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Exalted: Heavens Warriors - What Has Gone Before


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In recent events in each character's life:

Shay - After an initially successful period of commerce raiding, times have been tight (but still profitable enough to get by on) for a few months. A business contact from Nexus has arranged a meeting for you with a possible client who is, in his words, "very well funded and interested in a bit of privateering." You've arranged the meeting for today, in the Rutting Boar in the town of Majec's Passage a few days north of Port Calin.

Anaris: Having only recently completed your final year of study at the Sequestered Tabernacle, you were suprised to be informed by Venerable Silk, the head of the Temple, that Heaven had chosen a land far to the South and East that was in need of your illuminating presence. You would be accompanying the Shining One Althea in her journey there, to both aid her and learn from her so that you might better bring the light of Heaven into the world. Shortly thereafter, the Sidereal Thousand Whispers arrived at the Tabernacle to guide both you and Althea to this distant land. She lead the two of you and Althea's companions through a glowing gateway guarded by gleaming golden lions, where a god awaited you both with a cloud to carry you across the vast sky of Heaven, the impossible glittering beauty of Yu-Shan spread out beneath you, and with a longing look behind you at the greatest wonder you had ever beheld you were ushered through another gate and into a new world of broad grassy plains and a sun-warmed sea far different from the frozen mountains of the North.

Althea: Returning to the Sequestered Tabernacle after another lengthy mission for the Cult in the area of Wallport and Whitewall, you found waiting for you news that Heaven had called you to carry its message into the distant lands of the East. Though you have never walked that quarter of Creation, you know the favor of the Gods and the wisdom of their Heaven-sent servant Thousand Whispers will accompany you; though the sight of glorious Yu-Shan is one you have seen a handful of times before, it never fails to fill your heart with glorious wonder. A pity your mortal attendants could not share the vision, but their eyes had to be shrouded lest they see more than their present enlightenment could bear.

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