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Speaking of public places... *snickers*

You're all in just a spot of trouble. I've made Join Battle rolls for all of you, with the following results:

Lieutenant- Botch

Soldiers - 3 successes

Emerald - 1 successes

Shade - 3 successes

Anaris - 3 successes

Althea - 1 successes

Whispers - 2 successes

Shay - 0 successes

The Reaction Count is set at 3, unless Anaris spends essence on one of her awareness charms to boost her Join Battle roll.

Barring charm use from Anaris or a stunt from someone else, this means that actions will take place as follows:

The Watch Soldiers, Shade and Anaris: immediately (Tick 0)

Thousand Whispers: Tick 1

Emerald Mountain and Althea: Tick 2

Shay: Tick 3

The Lieutenant: Tick 6

That means that the posting order will run as follows: Anaris, me, Thousand Whispers, Althea, me, Shay, me.


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A general note: I haven't settled entirely on how we're going to handle combat in this game, so I'm using this fight as a bit of an experiment. We're going to run this more or less by the book, and if it drags too much we'll start loosening things up and moving more of the book-keeping to me so you guys can freeform more.

So, for this fight, that means you'll be making your own die rolls and charm decisions. Posts should look something like this:


[Tick 1]

Thousand Tigers leapt at his enemy, laying the brigand lord low with a mighty blow of his fist that flared with golden power.(Further elaboration and quippy commentary follow).

Thousand Tigers makes an unarmed attack against Bandit Lord using the First Martial Arts Excellency for 4 dice (cost: 4 personal essence).

Attack: 8 dice [6, 5, 7, 10, 5, 6, 1, 4] = 3 successes

Damage: 10 lethal + extra successes

Thousand Tigers' Status: Personal Essence 4, Peripheral Essence 20, Willpower 7, no damage, Dodge DV 5 and Parry DV 7 until his next action.

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