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Exalted: Heavens Warriors - Character Profiles


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Anaris is a slight, willowy figure of some height. Her hair is a dark, luxurious black usually swept into a 'club' style ponytail, her eyes are deep sparkling blue, and her skin is an unblemished swath of dusky tan. She walks lightly, seeming to nearly float over the land, and speaks softly enough to be thought whispering. She dresses in a simply monk's outfit: dark gi pants and a simple if well-made over-robe tied off with an obi. The only oddity to her appearance is the white mask she wears constantly, making her facial features near an unknown to even to her travelling companions. She introduces herself only with a personal name, but carries the mark of the Blessed Isle in her speech and a quiet but intense nobility to her bearing.

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Thousand Whispers


Thousand Whispers will be your contact with Heaven, companion, caretaker, and in equal parts servant and teacher. The official representative of the Cult of the Illuminated assigned to guide you on your journey, she is quick-witted, energetic, versatile, and sharp-tongued, and seems possessed of a deep sense of teamwork and a desire to see your endeavors succeed.

Though it has not been stated aloud, you receive the impression that this mission marks a great opportunity for the sprightly Exalt, one that she is determined to see meets and exceeds the expectations of her superiors.

A fairly plain-looking sort, Thousand Whispers draws attention to herself by means of dressing in elegant clothing that emphasizes her body, and more than makes up for her otherwise unremarkable appearance with her overwhelming charm. Her skin is a tawny, light tan, and her hair and eyes are a brilliant blue. She tends to dress in veils and revealing clothing that she accessorizes with bracelets, bangles, chokers, and a few other pieces of well-chosen, understated jewelry. She has tattoos in the same piercing blue as her eyes and hair adorning her shoulders and creeping up her legs from her ankle to just above her knees, and carries a hand-held fire rod on her hip. She is mercurial, intellectual, and takes her work seriously without letting making it seem like a chore. It's hard to tell how old she is, as the rules are different for Exalts, but her attitude speaks of youth and exuberance: either she's still very young, or she's been holding onto youthful attitudes for a long time.

The only slightly affrontable thing any of you may have seen about her thus far is that she insists on being referred to in her full Heavenly honorific: never "Whispers" or "Whisp", always, she must insist, "Thousand Whispers".

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Shay, Pirate Queen

Art by Cushart

Shay rose from complete obscurity as a slave aboard the Dragon's Kiss when she Exalted and led the crew in an overthrow. Not content with one ship, she trained the former slaves in the art of ship-theft and stole another, the fast cutter Blood on the Sun. Instead of continuing and building a fleet of ships, she parted ways with the old ship, leaving them with a portion of the goods from the Dragon's cargo hold and the former crew for ransom. The Blood was renamed to Freedom's Tempest, and Shay set about making a reputation for herself as a pirate.

She shows more mercy than most pirates, allowing combatants a chance to surrender, and her crew is forbidden to torture or gang-press captured prisoners. Her ransoms tend to be fair. None of this has earned her any clemency with the authorities.

So far, she's done relatively little for one with a reputation like the one she's garnered, but her state as an Anathema and the hope her story has given to the oppressed everywhere – sparking a few uprisings in her name – has given her reputation greater weight. Authorities are also concerned about the loyalty she is building in people; her crew, all composed of former slaves, are devoted to her, and those whom she freed and left in control of the Blood speak her name in the hushed tones of awe.

Despite all this concern about her actions, Shay herself is a light-hearted, devil-may-care young woman. She lives in the now and devotes herself to experiencing life full-throttle, a drive dampened only when her ship or crew is in trouble. She doesn’t allow high airs around herself, forbidding her crew to call her an “anything Queen” and seems to be embarrassed by her anima, a twelve-foot-tall glowing image of herself bedecked as royalty. The mospid that hovers near her is called “Stupid Thing,” and adds to this general discomfort. She will not speak of her past.
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Althea herself only stands at slightly less than average height, but her presence expands far beyond that. She is never seen without her golden orihalcum bracers, intricately filigreed and set with a brilliant gem the color of dawn. The massive orihalcum boots she wears would seem out of place on anyone else, but on Althea they are perfect. They seem to be merely enhancements to her bronze skin, strong cheekbones, purple-black mane of hair, and golden-brown eyes.

Curvaceous and muscular, she favors flowing, loose-fitting garments that accentuate both her shape and movement. She walks with an awesome grace, seemingly ready to dance into the jaws of death in a heartbeat. This impression is only enhanced by her open conviction in the glorious age to come, and her cherished role in bringing it about. Anyone who has had a chance to talk to her has found themselves praised lavishly, harangued mercilessly, or both. People do not leave such conversations with Althea entirely unchanged, even the Exalted.

Surrounding Althea at all times is her bodyguard of fifteen female Tiger Warriors, those mortals trained extensively by the Shining Ones. While only human, they too move with danger in their step. They are intensely devoted to their mistress, who in turn is always looking out for their spiritual well-being.

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