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Aberrant RPG - NPC's and sourcebooks


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Hi everyone.

I'm currently GM'ing a Aberrant campaign set in 2004 (I'm doing slight variations on the timeline and history to allow for more player input to what happens; for example, two of the characters who are Terats get wind of Proteus and tell the leaders of the Teragen (in the Amp Room of course) about it, thus sparking the discussions that make the Teragen organised) and NPC's are becoming a bit of an interesting point for me.

Would the little NovaPhile writeups in the various sourcebooks (I have nearly all of them now) be a good guide? I'm taking the base numbers at their word and calling them mega-stats and then just guessing the rest.

Also, I would dearly love to lay my hands on Worldwide Phase I, but not even DriveThruRpg.com has it...any help with finding a copy, PDF or otherwise?

Thanks in advance,


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