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Aberrant: Nova Reality - You Don't Want to Know


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{Inspired by a Homicide: Life on the Streets episode}

They had caught the murder and were wrapping up the last of the forensic details when Detective Winton walked up to the nova that had assisted on the case. One of the advantages of having the Windy City Knights was that the Police Department could bring in a nova to help with the really difficult cases. Novas most often got results were baseline detective work had hit a brick wall. This had been one of those cases.

Winton found Jager walking through the apartment looking at the various personal effects their murder had kept around the place. He had helped the police crack this case, though it had still taken the homicide detectives a good deal of legwork to pin this bastard down. Still there was something Winton wanted to know that he was betting the nova had an insight to.

“Why’d he do it?” Winton said to Jager’s back. The nova had stopped, using body language to let Winton know he was waiting on him to say something. Jager turned around and seemed to examine the detective for a moment. Hell, he appeared to be looking straight through him.

“You don’t want to know,” Jager replied. Winton opened his mouth to say something, but Jager continued.

“You don’t want to know. You want to go home to your wife and plan out what how you are going to decorate the nursery. You don’t need to get inside his head. You helped figure out who he was without figuring out his motive. Getting the bad guy is what counts. You shouldn’t have to look inside and know. It’s not all that healthy.”

“I want … need to know why he killed that couple. I just don’t understand. Why them? There was no connection.”

“There is something out there called luck, Detective Winton. The couple was unlucky and sometimes it’s just that. He killed them because he could.”

“I don’t buy it.”

“You should.” Jager’s statement hung in the air. His warning to Winton was evident. It wasn’t something the young detective liked though. Winton turned to leave.

“Knowing why he killed them won’t help you sleep better at night. I’m sure that you will lose some sleep wondering. Can’t be helped. What really matters is that you did your job and took this killer off the street.”

Winton stopped.

“You’ve worked with profilers before, right?”


“You’ve also killed before.”

Jager nodded.

“Does that make you a better cop, or a worse one?”

Jager didn’t answer. Maybe he was unsure just what the answer was himself. Maybe he didn't want to know what the answer was.

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