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Exalted: Shards of Hope - Dreams of the First Age - NC/OOC


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I'm still working on a lot of the details, but I thought I'd start with a few basic facts about Rysha's First Age incarnation and work up from there.

Name: Descending Fire of Morning

Lunar Companion: Bright Star at Dawn, a Full Moon

Legendary for: Her prowess in single combat, mastery of the martial arts, her beauty and her honeyed tongue.

Died: Fighting an overwhelming force of Dragonblooded and three Sidereals alongside her Lunar and a handful of loyal retainers. She was buried with her full arms and armor to assuage her spirit.

I've got some more in the works, but I figured that'd be enough to get the ball rolling. Anyone else have any broad strokes to share?

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Mew. Been thinking a bit...figured I'd pitch in. I'll shamelessly steal Rysha's template, since it shaped how my thoughts accrued on the subject...

Name: Shay'uri, The Silver-Eyed

Lunar Companion: Glimmer of Sunset...no idea of Lunar castes. smile

Legendary for: Sorcerous prowess, numerous inventions, founding of White Spire; a First Age academy of magical and erudite instruction.

Died: Defending White Spire from a besieging army of Dragonblooded exalted. When the last guard and student died, she retreated into the great tower, allowing the army to overrun and enter it behind her. As they looted and sacked and searched, she enacted a great spell that destroyed the structure and all within it, decimating what was left of the besieging force. There are only ruins left aboveground, though the underground levels might have endured the ages better. Whatever is left of her body is in the lowest conjuring chamber, long forgotten to anyone living.

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Right now all I have is a name/title: Bloodfinder - as Night caste he was a tracker/hunter/lawman type and the name/title reflected his status as one of the best of his caste

Name: Bloodfinder

Lunar Companion: Stalks the Darkness, New Moon

Legendary for: Tracking and stalking skills, the use of poisons to cause extrodinary pain to the criminals he hunted.

Died: Bloodfinder evaded the Dragon-blooded for decades before being being ambushed while stalking the last of the Dragon-blooded who had slain Stalks the Darkness. So intent was he on his prey that he did not notice the trap being laid around him.

History: Bloodfinder was well known for using perception enhancing charms to trackdown his quarry, it was said that he could track, by scent alone, an injured criminal for 400 leagues.

Personality: Noramlly a jovial man who loved to carouse with his lunar companion and the other solars he would slip into a withdrawn emotionless state when tracking down criminals and enemies to the empire.

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